I’m leaving Kartra. It’s not that I don’t love Kartra. I still love Kartra, but I had a look at my ROI and my business model and it wasn’t making sense any more. 

Get the whole story in this video:

What I’m going to do instead:

Instead I’ve been buying lifetime licenses for software over at AppSumo: 

I replaced my course delivery with Fresh LMS – if you want to see how it looks you can check out my courses underneath the audiobook.

I replaced my email robot with Active Campaign:

Basically, I am following my own advice: I ran an experiment and now I’ve looked at the results and I’m trying something new.

No hard feeling to Kartra. I love Kartra, it’s just not the right thing for me right now. 

I actually just convinced a clietn to stay there the other day after she had read this article because she was left wondering if it was really right for her. 

Our businesses are all so different – there really is no guaranteed marketing success plan.

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