2021 Reflections – 2022 Intentions

2021 Reflections – 2022 Intentions

Today’s post is a behind the scenes chat about my business, basically my reflections on 2021 and my intentions for 2022. 

This is kind of like public journaling in a way, but I know some people that are interested in

how other business women run their business, what goes through their heads, how much money they make, what changes they think about, and things like that.

Reflections on 2021 

My first reflection was that I still just had too much on my plate. 

Anyone who was looking at what I was doing, from the outside, could see that I was really creating a lot of new courses, promoting a lot of new courses, promoting the group program, there was always something.

I was running on a two week cycle, which was really exciting, but I don’t think that’s sustainable for me. So that was a good experiment and now, I don’t want to do that again. The reason is, when I was away, and I was thinking about coming back, I was actually feeling really anxious about coming back. And I realized that I am the orchestrator of this mad life, this brilliant life, this business, and that I get to choose. I don’t have to do it that way and I could just try something different. So that’s what I’m gonna do.


I also did a pricing workshop with Bear Hebert called Freely.

Bear is a radical, anti capitalist business person and I really love their perspective. 

She has what she calls “solidarity pricing” options for people, which I love, I just really recommend checking her out, even if you only just look at how she words her pricing. She has personal experience with doing, pay what you can and the efficacy of that. And the reasons why that doesn’t work in the capitalist construct and all that kind of thing. 

I did that course & what was great was that I worked out how much I want to work a week and I also calculated how much I need to earn.  The new things that I packed into that were an increased rate for myself for health care, some superannuation, which I haven’t been paying to myself all these five and a half years, and some money for a holiday with my family. 

I’ve popped those things in on top of what I already know how much of my business needs to put into the household account in a fortnightly way or in a weekly way. So I crunched all my numbers and I came up with a new hourly rate. 

And turns out, nothing really that I’ve been doing is at that hourly rate.

Only my one to one rate, which was $166 an hour to see me one to one face to face that was accurate. But everything else was inaccurate. The closest thing would be the pricing that I had planned for the next round of the group program. My next round of group programs will be $133 per four week block. 

And that is fairly accurate for groups of five women per group. So now I know I need to charge $170 an hour, which I feel really good about and even up from that to allow contingency. Because like I mentioned in a previous blog, I have 20 hours a week to be in business so that I can do it while the kids are at school. It also allows me time to have time off and just be a pleasure seeker. That’s another thing that I’ll talk about shortly because that just makes me calm and my health really needs me to not be stressed out. 


20 hours is what I have a week, half of that is for business building and half of that is for income generating.

I’ve crunched all my numbers. I’ve got a new number and I’m really happy to have a number that doesn’t feel greedy, it feels really self respecting and is what I actually need to make in my business to stay human.


My other reflections

Really I was just doing way too much. In light of that I had planned to do a summit this year, which I’m really excited about. I was going to do it from March 31, to 35 and I’ve realized that I don’t have space in my calendar to do that, if I’m going to serve clients. So I just decided to go with clients, because at this point, I need some money.


I’ve had a very long holiday, and another reflection is that I don’t really want to take that long off again, it doesn’t really work for me to be out of office for that long. So, that was a fun experiment.


I’ve got a lot of people with big to-do lists for me so I am going to do that and postpone the summit. Everyone who I’ve mentioned it to so far had a big sigh of relief from them about it, which is great.

That’s the end of the reflections.

Really, all of those reflections really just helped me to cultivate my intentions for this year. 

2022 Intentions

So this year, I had intended to move from one business level to another in the context of my mentor, George Cow, who has a business planning course. He talks about these five different levels of business. My goal for last year was to round out my presence as a level three business, I was sort of somewhere between level one, two, and three.


So I just filled the gaps I back-filled, so that I was sitting nicely as a level three business.

I was thinking this year, I’m going to set up affiliates, I’m going to write a book, I’m going to do this and that but what I’ve decided instead is to just stay at level three, which feels good. It feels really good, because a few of my systems and processes aren’t as tight as I would like them to be, especially if I’m going to start bringing in partners and affiliates, I want everything that’s automated to be working. 


That just gives me a whole lot more space to really refine my processes,

reteach a couple of my courses, set everything up really nicely Evergreen, and just take a breath. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with staying at level three. I think it’s interesting for me to just be in a place of satisfaction and contentment and notice how easy it is to think, right!  I’ve done level three, the next is level four, like, what will I do next?

It’s actually okay to just stay at the same level.

It reminds me of a post I saw the other day from Emma Vega Malta, about a small business is not necessarily like a baby business waiting to grow into an adult big business, a small business can be a conscious choice. That resonated a lot in terms of how I’m feeling about that. 


The other thing I decided was, like I said, I’m going to postpone the summit. Some people didn’t even know I was going to do a summit because it was a big fat secret and I still would like it to be a surprise. So hopefully, it’s still a surprise for some people. 


The 10 hours a week of income generating and also 10 hours a week of admin, I would really like for each day that if we’re doing a five day week, that basically I’ve just got four hours, for one hour things that I’m going to do each day to really feel calm, feel clear and not feel overwhelmed.

To have time to make nice food for myself, to have time to sit on the couch and just relax, maybe knit and just be human.


Alternatively, I can have a week where I take a day off and then my other days, my four days a week would be five hours each day. So I would have kind of a busy week with a day off, or a more steady week with lots of space. So I’m just doing a new calendar experiment. 


I was also getting up in the morning and checking my inbox while the kids were getting ready for school and I just realized in the last few days how much of a reactive state that puts me in and how that really doesn’t work for me in the morning. So just as of today, I’m starting a new experiment of having a slow breakfast doing some journaling and knitting on the couch and not looking at my inbox until much later.


I thought that I might share my number crunching, if you’re interested in that I could make another post but I feel like this is long enough for today. It’s really not rocket science, crunching my numbers was really just calculating how much money I actually need and acknowledging our holidays needs, health care is a need, savings is a need, and putting those things in instead of ignoring them any longer. 


I think part of that is my overall self care at the moment, and not self care like painting toenails, and having bubble baths but actual deep and loving care for myself that I need to give myself first and not be waiting for someone else to just deliver that to me, which all feels great. I feel great about it. 


I’d love to hear if this is actually interesting or helpful for you, or if I should just shut up about it.


Let me know if you have any questions and I really look forward to seeing you another time soon.


“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

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Business Building Activities

Business Building Activities

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the way you spend your time in your business, especially if you want your business to grow and change. 

I’ll share my current business growth practices as inspiration for you to figure out what yours are. 

I have 20 hours a week that I am available to spend being in business. I basically split that in half, so that I’m spending half my time on income generating activities and then I spend the other half of the time doing things that are going to grow my business. Today, I thought I would just talk about those briefly and maybe prompt you to consider what are your business growth activities.

The Short List

Every day:

  • Email tidy up
  • Invoicing 
  • 5-15 minutes of social media connection/creation
  • Other business admin as it arises


Course creation 




Ads and content creation


Blog/book writing


Course setup

So just to be clear, in the 10 hours that I spend on income generating activities, I consider those to be things like seeing clients face to face, delivering group program calls, delivering course calls and doing work for my clients.

To make my business work, in those 10 hours I have to charge a rate so that I make enough money for my week, and then my year. So I have done the calculations to figure out how much I need to earn a year and then I’ve broken that down into how many working weeks I have, how many working hours I have per week, and then how much I need to charge per hour. All of my course prices, group program prices and one to one pricing is set to make sure that I spend my 10 hours a week, and that I make a certain amount of money in those 10 hours.

Depending on your business, those might be different but I’m talking about the activities where I am clear that I’m delivering a service to people, and I’m getting paid for that.

In the other 10 hours, there’s a few things I do every single week. These have changed a bit over time as I learn and figure out what it is that I need to do to grow my business and which activities are the most important. I’m going to talk to you about those now.


In my business growth activities, I have two hours each day. On Monday, I have one hour for admin, which is sorting out my inbox and doing my invoicing, and any other little admin things that might come up for my business.


That tends to be just enough time for tidy ups.

In the other hour I spend time doing what I call course creation. In that hour, I am creating new course materials for whichever course or group program I’m delivering that week. That tends to be enough time for me to create the content and sometimes do some of the setup of the actual tech part of my course creation. 

It also means that I can work really week to week, I don’t have to have planned out a whole course. If it was a six week course I don’t have to have all of that six weeks of material ready before I go live and sell because I know how long it takes to teach something and I know that I’m capable. I just trust that each week, I’ll be able to look at how much I got through the week before what my overall goals for the course are and just be agile and create the course content the week of the course. Sometimes I might be delivering a course that I’ve taught before, in which case I would review the content from the last time I ran the course and just see what I want to add to it or add new fun resources.


Is my day for what I call NetCaring, which I learned from my mentor, George Kao. That is the act of focusing on my referral network. My other hour is again, just email invoicing and admin stuff and then I have one hour for this thing, net care. I’m pretty sure George has some blogs on his website about net caring where you could read a bit more about it and he definitely has a course about it that I did. 

NetCaring activities can be as simple as connecting with my referral partners on social media, cheer squatting them, sharing their posts on Instagram or sharing their content on my story. It can be reaching out to new referral partners. So, thinking about who are people who have referred to me in the past, can I connect with them and thank them? Also thinking about how I can deepen my relationship with that person? Is there something I can do or share of theirs with my audience, if that makes sense. NetCaring can also be interviewing my colleagues and publishing that as a podcast, or a video interview. Really just working really on relationships with colleagues is my Tuesday activities. 


Is all about my own ads. I have an hour for admin, same again, just invoicing emails, and catching up on little things that just all add up. On Wednesday, I like to focus on checking out my ads and creating more content for my business. So each day in my little admin session, I always like to spend five minutes doing my Instagram posts. That way, when it comes time to do ads, I have something to promote. So Wednesday is ads, and then making a bit more content. I might make a longer video, I might polish a draft of a blog that I wrote another day, or any kind of content creation, making carousel posts for Instagram, all of that.


I spend my usual hour doing email, invoicing and admin. And then my business building activity on Thursday is to do an hour of writing. I spent an hour either writing a blog post, editing a draft, publishing it on my blog, and I’m also writing blogs currently with a view to turn them into a book. Sometimes my writing or my creation is more like a how-to video and sometimes my blog is created more with a view towards a book. So this is a really nice easy way to write a book where I basically just write a chapter a week by writing a blog a week. 


My business building activity is just working on my courses that already exist. So going back and turning any past course into an Evergreen course. Also just cleaning up any systems and processes that I have that aren’t feeling great. For instance, at the moment, when people buy my podcast course, they are meant to be immediately added to my email list but that’s not working, so I would go in, and troubleshoot and fix so that people can get automatically added into the email list and be delivered the information about the course. I often deliver my course live with live calls. And then afterwards, I like to set it up as an evergreen course. So that hour on Friday is all about setting up my courses with Evergreen, and perhaps doing other course focused activities. So similar to Monday was the course prep, then Friday is more of the tech side of the course setup.

The thing with these activities that is different from how I used to run my business is: I used to let my clients fill me up, and then maybe I would get to these business building activities.

What I’ve done now is flipped it on its head so that I put in my business building time first, and then I let clients fill up my calendar after my business has had its turn.

I’m interested in what kind of business building activities you do. 

Have you thought about these? 

Have you committed to them? 

Are they in your calendar so that you do them every week, and if they’re not, I would highly encourage you to do that.

It’s really important to feed and nurture your business and help it to grow. 

I hope this was helpful and I really look forward to connecting with you another time.

If you would like to get these healthy business growth habits going in your business, the Group Program might be for you. Learn more about the Group Program HERE

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

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Easy tools to run an online business: Zoom

Easy tools to run an online business: Zoom

What do you REALLY need to start serving clients online?

I have talked about this a bunch in a couple of other blogs – like “Do you need a website” and “Easy tools to run an online business: Acuity” so today I’m going to talk about Zoom.

If you aren’t familiar with Zoom now I would be very surprised.

Before the global lockdowns, I was using Zoom daily and running my business online with people having a variety of experience with Zoom.

But now we have all been connecting digitally a bit more, even my in-laws can use Zoom!

I do still want to talk about it in the online business context though. Because I really want you to know how I ran my business in the early days particularly without a website. 

And I want to give you my opinions about Zoom 🙂

Zoom is an online video conferencing software service. Basically: this tool lets you meet up with people online. Yes! There are loads of other ways you can do this: Facebook calls, Facetime, Google hangouts and on and on. 

I actually use the free plan of Zoom for 1:1 calls and LiveWebinar for group calls because I don’t like monthly payments. I managed to buy LiveWebinar with a single payment for lifetime access. It’s worth checking if that deal is still available with AppSumo if you are interested (it says sold out but just search in their search bar in case there is a different version of the offer – valid till November 26 2021). 

So the steps I recommend for setting up your business to serve people online are:

  1. Get your ABN 
  2. Create a bank account just for your business
  3. Create a PayPal business account
  4. Get your Acuity set up 
  5. Get your Zoom set up
  6. Choose a Social media platform
  7. Creating content
  8. Doing some market research 
  9. Starting to share offers

You can go deeper with setting up your Acuity in this blog.


At some point you hopefully find yourself setting up your Acuity emails that are delivered to  your client by the robot to confirm the appointment/session. This is a great time to share information about how to connect with you on Zoom for your session. 

The ability to pop your Zoom details into the Initial Confirmation email  is only available on the paid plans of Acuity. If you only pay for one tool, let it be Acuity at first. It will let you take payments, synchronise your calendar and customise these emails. In my opinion, it’s worth it.

Two things I’ll address here are:

1. What kind of Zoom plan do you need? 


2. What info goes into that Acuity email confirmation? 

Zoom has a perfectly good free plan if you only want to do 1:1 sessions. So you can get away with the free plan for a very long time. 

You might like to upgrade your plan if you want to deliver group calls that last more than 40 minutes. This would be helpful for webinars, live course calls and group program calls.

There are loads of other options for what Zoom can do for you but for now, let’s keep it simple. And affordable. If you are just wanting 1:1 sessions, stick with the free plan. 

Now that you have your account you can create “Meetings”. My favourite thing to do is create “recurring” meetings so that I can have a URL I use to access the meeting space. I can also give that URL to clients so they can join the meeting with me. 

You can do that following the instructions in this video

Now you have the URL of your recurring meeting, it’s time to pop back into your Acuity and tell the client what they need to do to prepare and how to join you on the call.

On the free plan of Acuity, you will only get the immediate email sent out to confirm the appointment at the time of booking and you can’t customise your emails. If you’re sticking with the free plan, you will need to send an email the hour before your meeting with this info manually. 

If you are on the paid version you can customise your initial confirmation and send an email an hour before using the robot.

Here’s an example of the default email that gets sent out to clients once they book: 

You can find it in Notifications > Client Email > Initial Confirmation 

I recommend that you pop in and edit that email. You can include your Zoom link, and any other specific preparations you would like them to have done like sign terms & conditions or do a specific journaling practice. I show you how to do that in this video

The beauty of this is: now you have a URL you can share with people so that they can book, and get automated information for how to see you in the session. 


You are ready to share your Acuity booking link on social media now. So the next step is to decide which social media platform you want to play on for now. 

Here’s a quick tip on that: where are your people and where are you happy to create content? 

Start with one social media platform at a time. 

Facebook business page: share your Acuity booking link in the spot called “website”. You can also pop it in the blue call to action button.

Instagram account: share your Acuity booking link as your “Website” in your bio.

Zoom settings

I recommend going into your Zoom settings and seeing what you want to change. The main things you might like to change are: 

Turning off that woman that announces the session is being recorded 🙁

Checking whether you want a waiting room or password protected 

And just have a poke around and see if there are things you want to change to make it suit you better. 

Do you have more questions about Zoom and setting up your online business? 

I’d love to hear them – hit me up in the comments 

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“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

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Video content

Video content

Video is a great way for people to get to know you while you do other things like laze on the beach or make dinner for your kids or even sleep.

But maybe you don’t feel like getting dressed up, doing your face and getting yourself onto video. Can you still use video for your business? 

I don’t want to spend ages convincing you a video is a good idea. 

If you are here you clearly want to start making videos for the marketing of your business. 

If you do not want to show your face don’t stop reading now because it is entirely possible for you to create videos in lots of different ways.

There is no denying how good it is if you can bring yourself to do videos of your own face especially if you are service-based. But if you can’t do that for whatever reason I do not want you to navigate away and not make a video for your business because it seems too hard.

There are loads of ways to get around not showing your face and all the ways of creating video give you some benefits.

I know that people always like to hear what I do personally so I will start with that and then I will also share a couple of other ways that I think you can create video if you want.

My current 2 favourite video processes are:

60-second (or less)

10-minute or so videos

I like to create short videos and publish them on Instagram. I try to make these 60 seconds long or less.

I create these on my phone and record them directly so they go onto my camera roll. Then I pop onto Instagram and share them in my feed with a small caption.

I love this method because I can experiment with ideas without investing too much energy in the process. I also find that people like to see me and they like to hear from me. These feel light yet intimate.

They are the quickest and easiest way for me to create video and they also feed into my entire content creation strategy. I have another blog post about that which you can check out over here.

Basically I test the water with new ideas in my 60 second videos so if they are well received they may get turned into a longer blog or video. I usually don’t overthink these and I get important feedback from my people when they do well.

The other way I love to make videos is using Zoom. I begin a Zoom meeting with myself, click record then I just chat away to the screen in my own meeting with myself.

When I click “end meeting”, the recording gets downloaded onto my computer. I am then able to share it directly to YouTube which I also embed onto my blog.

The fun thing about these Zoom videos is that I can often use the audio download to create a podcast as well. I just love it when one piece of content can be used in lots of different places.

I also like to use this video on IGTV (if it is not a how-to demonstration style vid).

One other cool thing about these podcast episodes is that I can create a video from the episode using Headliner App really easily. I have another post about how to use Headliner App over here.

If you don’t want your face in the video.

If you don’t want your face to be in the video for whatever reason you can still use the Zoom methods and just don’t worry about how you look on video.

You can then use the audio component of the zoom recording and turn it into a podcast.

The podcast episode can be turned into a video using Headliner app. This means that people can experience your energy through your voice without you having to even get out of bed.

Literally some of my podcast episodes I made late at night in bed or early in the morning in bed. That’s how easy it is to use Anchor. I then turn those podcasts  into a video without having to show my face at all.

If you don’t want to deal with a podcast and Headliner App you can also use Canva to create videos with an audio recording you have created.

These audio recordings can be created on the voice memo app on an iPhone or a similar voice recording app on an Android phone. You can then upload those to canva and add a couple of little animations and a nice stock image and then you have basically the same thing as the Headliner app video without having to create a podcast and without having to show your face.

There is a part of me that does want to kick in and start telling you how important video including your face is so I do just want to touch on that lightly.

A lot of people who come to me for a free 30 minute chat have already ”met me”  through watching my videos.

People often tell me how nice it is to finally meet me in person and that I am exactly like my videos and how comforting that is for them. Usually they watch my videos while I am on the beach, making dinner, sleeping or doing other things in my business.

I find this duplication of myself really great.

It means that people who are referring their clients or friends to work with me have somewhere they can send those people to figure out whether they want to work with me or not.

The other thing that is good about video is: if you’re posting them on social media the algorithm which decides who sees what content will slightly favour a video over other kinds of posts.

That is the end of my convincing you about why video is good.

There are just so many places and ways you can share video.

Here’s a hard and fast list:

    • YouTube video
    • YouTube short
    • YouTube live
    • Instagram Reel
    • Instagram feed video (60s max)
    • IGTV (15 minute max)
    • Instagram Story
    • Instagram live
    • Facebook live
    • Facebook feed Facebook Story
    • LinkedIn
    • On your blog
    • Twitter
    • Tik Tok
    • Slideshow with you talking over the top
    • Plus all the ways I mentioned in this blog

    I think if you are not doing video you are missing a really potent opportunity so if you’re not ready to get your face on I would recommend trying one of these other methods for creating video content for your business.

    If you found this helpful and you like, you can make a small donation.

    “I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

    Take a week off your business

    Take a week off your business

    When was the last time you had a day off from your business?
    What about a week off?

    And I don’t mean school holidays – because if you are a mum you know that is not a real holiday.
    I haven’t had a week off. Ever.

    Every time I have holidays it means time away from work but I’m still thinking about meals, and other people’s well being

    And once a year I go to Vipassana for 10-days of silent meditation. 

    But if you’ve ever done that, then you understand that meditation is work too. Facing up for 10 hours a day of sitting and then no breaks as an older student is actually quite a task. It does bring amazing fruits and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

    So since I was a youth I have had no time where I just do things in my own time with a total disregard for the needs of others.

    I finally had a week off.
    Just for 5 days between 9 and 3. 

    But it was good. I got to really release the endless tension I subtly hold on to and just BE on a time frame that suits me and what I want. 

    It was delicious actually – the bliss and pleasure that is available just sitting quietly in the sun for that minute or two extra without having to answer someone or worry about someone or give anything to anyone at all.

    I am feeling a bit self conscious saying all of this.
    Even as I write this I’m having some internal dialogue about being selfish and how great mothering is and blah blah blah. 

    That is all true. 

    I love my kids. 

    But I really needed a rest and to reset my adrenals. 

    If we never have a deep reset, we are going to burn out. I have burned out several times in my business. I have given it all up. Called it off. Broken up with her. 

    And after a day or 5, the little spark has kindled back into a flame and I’m ready to fall back in love with it. 

    So I know from my own experience that space is helpful, and I’ve done school hols + Vipassana but this was a new epiphany. And I highly recommend that you create space in your business for your business fire to burn.

    One dilemma I had before the week off was: what was I going to do with all my time. 

    I was well aware that I could too easily slip onto the laptop and start working.
    Because I really do enjoy my work.

    Mostly, I find it fun and I love creating stuff in my business + I get really nourished from connecting with other business women as I support them on their journey. 

    So I knew I was going to need a strategy to stay away from work. 

    I asked my people.

    I did have a few ideas already, and there are a number of things they mentioned that I already do in my working days. So they didn’t feel quite as meaningful. But I thought I would share a mega list of week off ideas – partly to remind myself and also to inspire you when you have a week off. 

    So here it is:

    The Big List of Things to Do on Your Week Off


    Day bath


    Laying in the sun

    Watching movies

    Bush walks

    Time in nature

    Tea with friends

    Reading books


    Phone chats

    Make kombucha


    Play the yes/no game and feel into your intuition for every choice


    Smell flowers

    Dance in the moonlight

    Beach time


    Get a Massage


    Play with a cat or dog

    Download and print this fun week off planner.

    I have some tear off ideas and I left space for you to add your ideas!

    No need to sign up – just click the button and get it planned! 

    If you found this helpful and you like, you can make a small donation.

    “I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

    Those days when you want to throw your laptop at the wall

    Those days when you want to throw your laptop at the wall

    Do you have those days when you are working on the tech stuff in your business and you get to the point where you’re so frustrated that you want to throw your laptop? 

    I certainly do. 

    And because I spend so many hours of my working time laptop dealing with tech I have had to develop some tools to help me in those moments. 

    These are kind of like my rules of play or my rules of engagement for working with tech and how to deal with those moments of complete frustration. Those moments of just hitting the brick wall, being in some horrible vortex loop and hating it.

    This can happen any time when using technology. 

    You know the scenario:

    You are trying to do a “simple” thing and it either hits the brick wall.

    You want to save something and it just won’t save.

    You want to edit something and it just won’t work

    or something like that. 

    Or you end up in a vortex – you want to do one simple thing and suddenly you’re being asked to sign up for another thing and then you have to pay for something else and then you need another tool to link those two up to each other and you don’t even really know what they do. Your head is spinning and the rage is rising.

    So here are 3 things I adhere to when it comes to tech frustration:

    1. Watch the narrative
    2. Space clearing mist
    3. Set a timer


    It’s so important to be aware of the stories you are telling yourself as you work on the tech stuff in your biz. 

    If you are trying something new like setting up a website, running ads to Facebook or creating images in Canva and it isn’t working. What are you making this mean? What is your inner dialogue? Are you thinking thoughts like: “I am not techie”, “this is hard”, “Facebook sux” “this is not my zone of genius” {insert yours here}. 

    It happens to me when I’m learning something new. I get to the wall or the vortex and I don’t like it. 

    I am pretty tenacious and sometimes I think I can just push through and “make it happen”. 

    And sometimes I do. 

    And sometimes I get really frustrated and get totally disheartened. I get rejective and start wanting to tell a story about the whole thing being a really bad idea.

    Once a story is running it’s important to consider how that narrative informs and dictates other realities in your life.

    For example, if you try to run ads on Facebook and they get rejected, do you then say that “you just don’t understand” and “Facebook is crap”.

    What do you say?

    The same thing can happen to 100 people and there are probably 1000 stories you could be telling about that same experience.

    One person might make it mean that they are learning something new and that is sometimes uncomfortable where another person might make it mean they suck and tech and can’t move forward in their business.

    What you make it mean is the ONLY thing that is within your control.

    If you can’t understand what I’m saying here or you find it hard to be aware of your thoughts I recommend meditation and a good life coach.

    Those 2 things have helped me find the spaces between my thoughts and my awareness.

    This is a powerful development that will help you in all areas of your life, as well as how you feel about tech.

    I personally love Vipassna meditation and try to go for a 10 day retreat every year as well as meditating daily as my home practice.

    Do you have a meditation practice?

    It’s a business tool and a life tool you won’t regret acquiring.


    I have 2 space clearing mists I love. I have the Australian Bush Flower Essence Space Clearing mist and the Anima Mundi Palo Santo Protection Myst.

    Sometimes, if I am having tech gremlins or even just working with a client and we are getting a bit tense with our progress over a tech fart, I will spritz the heck out of my space with one of those 2 and just take a moment.

    Traditionally, Palo Santo is for warding off evil spirits.

    But what are “evil spirits” if not our own mental tensions, negative thought patterns and bad mental hygiene?

    Sure, maybe your neighbour did put a hex on you.

    Or maybe you just need to breathe and become aware of the  magic inside you.

    Either way, I find that somehow, space clearing mists help. Even if they only smell good and there’s a placebo effect.
    By the time I’m that pissed off I don’t really care what is helping if at all. Bring the nice smells and hex removal.

    3. SET A TIMER

    The other day I was working with a group of clients on Facebook ads. As well as creating and publishing ads for clients myself, I was mentoring a small group of women to set up their own ads accounts. 

    I had a client with a pressing deadline and a decent budget and 5 ads rejected due to misleading claims with another client whose account was disabled due to circumventing Facebook ads policy. 

    Then I had one of the students who I was mentoring have her catalogue rejected and another one whose Squarespace site stopped connecting to her Instagram as soon as she followed my instructions to set Instagram up in Business Manager. 

    So as well as my own ads failing, and possibly failing my clients I was also failing to support students. 

    I could have made this mean that I’m no good at ads and that I am not fit to teach others ads either. And then I could decide that Facebook ads are crap. And I might even decide that I’m not cut out for online business. 

    What I did was contact support, and they told me there was a glitch which was making ads rejected when they shouldn’t have been. 

    This gave me a red flag that Facebook’s servers might be having other glitches too and that it just wasn’t the day for working on Facebook ads. 

    This is so often the case. 

    As well as the old “turn it off and turn it back on” trick, I find this third approach a sanity saver. 

    How long are you going to swirl in a vortex or headbutting a brick wall before you walk away? 

    Some days, it’s better to just walk away. But how long should you try? 

    I usually allow about 30-minutes maximum to headbut/swirl and then I walk away. Because most times I have those moments, I find out a week later that “Oh yeah there was a {XYZ} issue that day and everyone was {effected in some way}”.

    So just choose a timer, do as much as you can and then walk away. Come back a day or 2 later. 

    I actually just checked all of those disapproved ads now (24 hours later) and they are all approved! 

    Oh Facebook…

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