How to manage your Instagram followers to save money on Instagram ads

How to manage your Instagram followers to save money on Instagram ads

Do you have unwanted followers on Instagram?

Or even followers who aren’t ideal clients?

You know the ones: 

Your mum, and other loving friends and relatives

People who are obviously following just so you will follow them back

Attractive members of the oppposite sex (or maybe you do want to follow them?!)

Did you know, if you are running Instagram ads, these extra, unwanted followers are using up your ad spend?

In this video I show you how to block less than ideal followers on Instagram 🙂

The Basic Steps:

  • Click on the profile of the unwanted follower
  • Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner
  • Choose “Block”
  • Instagram will give you a pop up reminder that the IG User will not know you have blocked them
  • And another pop up from IG that you follow them back any time later
  • DONE!

Also – here’s a little video about “Who shoud you follow on Instagram, another way to block people and how to manage your follows/following

How did you go?
Please pop any questions in the comments below.
I hope you have a gorgeous day and that those videos were helpful 🙂

Want more help with Instagram & Instagram Ads?

I have been having loads of fun lately running ads for my clients as low as $1.43 a day with great results in terms of engagement and conversions. And Instagram ads seem to be cheaper that Facebook ads a lot of the time. 

If you’d like to talk about Instagram, Instagram ads and other things, book a free chat now: 

How to create a link in bio page like Manrepeller

How to create a link in bio page like Manrepeller

Do you want to have control over your link in bio on Instagram without having to use Linktree or paying for something else?

You can create a page like the Manrepeller Manstagram page.

In this video I’ll teach you how I do it. I use Divi theme and WordPress.

If you have no idea WTF I’m talking about you can check out Manrepeller on Instagram here:

And this is the Manrepeller’s Manstagram page: 

You can watch the video here:

Or if you like reading, here are the main highlights:

What is the link in bio page?

On Instagram you can only have one clickable link and that is in your bio. Sometimes people use tools such as Linktree or Later to create multiple links to overcome this problem. 

The solution I like best is to create a page on your website that links to the posts you mention in your Instagram. 

How do I do it?

It’s super easy really.

All you need to do is create a website page with a 3 column layout and then post your Instagram images on that page. You also need to make sure that when someone clicks the image they get redirected to the page that the post is about. Then make sure you use that page URL as your active link on Instagram.

No need to link this page to your navigation; just link it to your Insta.

Make sense?

How did you go?

I’m hoping that went ok. But if you watched that and it didn’t make sense or you really don’t want to do it yourself, my team and I can create one for you. 

Do want us to make this page on your website for you?

My team and I can whip one of these up for you and maintain it too if you like. 

Book a free chat now to discuss how we can help you with your Instagram and website. 

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Hashtag mastery using

Hashtag mastery using

Do you want to post hashtags on your Instagram posts but you have more than 30 and you don’t want to always just post the same hashtags on every post? 
I LOVE using the “saved captions” on to achive this really easily! is one of my favourite social media scheduling tools (Recurpost is my other one). Using means you can auto post, view your feed as a preview AND you can do this cool trick I’m goign to teach you today. Let’s go!
Ok here’s the basic instructions in words rather than the video tutorial (although that is a better way to get the info 🙂 
1. Log in to
2. Begin to create a post
3. When it comes to writing the caption, click on “Saved Captions”
4. Create a bunch of saved captions with “sets” of hashtags (up to 30) to suit different post types. See the video for examples. 
5. Each time you post, use one or more of the saved captions sets of hashtags. Save loads of time and use your hashtags more suitably. 
6. You are welcome 🙂

Do you need a hand with your Instagram?

I can help you with many aspects of your Instagram through strategy sessions, content strategies, and customised tips. I also have an Instagram eCourse you can access in the navigation under Work with Me > DIY > Instagram course. 

If you’d like more personalised help, book a free chat now and we can see how I might help you. 

What to do first to set up your online marketing

What to do first to set up your online marketing

Whether you are online only, bricks and mortar only, service based or product based and whatever mix of those 4, there are some things I recommend ALL businesses set up FIRST. 

Obviously, every business has distinct needs and every industry has different recommendations that I would make. The recoommendations in this post apply to EVERYONE 🙂

This post if for you if you are very new to it all and you haven’t set up very much or you’re wondering what to focus on FIRST.

If you already have a website and Facebook you would probably benefit more from my other post about the next steps after Facebook and website set up which you can read here:

Now, if you’re at the very beginning, what do you need? 

I have explained it all here in this video below:

Or if you’re out on a walk or folding washing you can listen to it here: 

Or you can read about it here:

#1 Facebook Business Page

Whether you want to be active on Facebook or not, I still recommend that everyone set up a business page for your business. NOT a personal profile, but a PAGE.

If you want to really focus on your website for ownership issues, or you just don’t like Facebook, I would still encourage you to have presence on the Face-beast.

Facebook pages show up in Google searches easily and a lot of people will search Facebook BEFORE they Google search.

If you aren’t really on Facebook becuase you love Instagram more – I would STILL recommend at least having a presence. You will thank me later 🙂

#2 Create a website

A website is a business asset. Everyone “Googles it” these days and if you don’t even have a simple one page site you are missing out on customers.

AND if you ONLY have a presence on Facebook you risk putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Having said that, I made $10k in my business before I had a website so it’s not the FIRST step but it is a VERY.IMPORTANT.THING.FOR.EVERY.BUSINESS. So get a website.

#3 Fonts

If you aren’t cashed up enough to see a graphic designer and get your branding created professionaly I recommend you choose at least 2-3 fonts that you are going to stick to for now. 

One heading font

One sub-heading font and

One paragraph/body font

I recomend you check out Canva and find a design in their templates that you like then use the 2-3 fonts on that design. 

You can always get professional branding later or change your fonts later. Just don’t change then every week or people won’t be able to develop a visual relationship with your business. 

#4 Colours

Just like fonts, it’s important to have some visual consistency in your online presence. 

From that Canva design you liked, you might be able to choose 1-3 colours to stick with for now. 

I recommend Black and White and 1-2 other colours. Even just one colour + black + white. Even just black + white. 

Keep it simple for now. 

And be consistent. 

You can get fancy later when you have more clarity about your business and audience. 

Need a hand to get set up?

I help businesses set up all of these marketing assets: websites, Facebook pages, as well as affordable 101 branding with your fonts, logo and colours. Book in a time for a free chat if you are wondering whether I can help YOUR business. 

Your Divi Website – Part Two

Your Divi Website – Part Two

If you have a WordPress website with the Divi theme and you are getting a bit stuck on a few things, I’ve created a bunch of easy to follow, how-to video tutorials to help smart women just like you. They are all on my YouTube channel but I thought I’d bring them all together here. 

This is Part Two of the Divi Website blog series. Check out the super basics HERE.

Otherwise, have a little browse and see if there are any vids here to help you have a breakthrough.

Video #7 – Easy Peasy SEO

In this video, I’m sharing some super duper basic SEO actions you can do for yourself on your WordPress website. This will help you to show up in Google searches for the keywords of your business. 

Video #8 – Get audio recordings on your website

If you’re keen to share a recording of an audio training you’ve created, like a meditation or a guided visualisation you can do it really beautifully and easily on a Divi site. 

This is also a great in-between if you’re keen to start a podcast but don’t want to wait for it to be set up. 

Video #9 – Divi Layouts

If you want a quick way to make a page that is designed by a graphic designer the Divi layouts are a great option. If you haven’t tried them I reckon you should check this out! 

Video #9 – Changing the social media icons

I created this video before the Instagram icon was a part of the regular settings. So this is a bit techy but you may still find it helpful if you’re on a social media platform that is not covered by the default settings. 

Video #10 – Modify and customise your social media previews

Have you ever tried to share your website to Facebook and the preview image is just totally unrelated or simply not what you want?

In this video, I’ll show you how to change your page previews for instance, when you share a page or post to Facebook. 

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Compassionate pricing

Compassionate pricing

Pricing is challenging for everyone, especially us. We are people who live/love to serve but we also need to eat... Figuring out your pricing is difficult for everyone in business especially people like us, who are super caring and ultimately feel like our lives are...

Ideal Blog Layout Template

Ideal Blog Layout Template

Have you ever written a great blog post and really nailed the layout and flow? 
Maybe you’re wondering what makes a great blog layout? 
Today I’d love to share with you, my take on an ideal blog layout that will optimise social shares, save you time (!) with a template and create easy reading for your audience. 
Let’s go!

The video below shows you exactly how to do this step by step but let me outline some of the main points here for you too. You’ll find them under the video ?

Ok – the main thrust of an ideal blog layout is to guide the reader with digestible bits of text, interspersed with images and scattered with social media sized images. 
I strongly recommend you have a Pinterest sized image and you include videos and audios in your blog for accessibility and SEO. 
I’ve also mentioned getting access to my template for the ideal blog layout which I’ve included below.
This process is really only suitable if you have a Divi themed WordPress website. If you do, go ahead and download the JSON file and uppload it to your Divi Librabry. Then it will be accessible in YOUR Divi librabry
I’ll be sharing step by step instructions on how to do that very soon if it sounds too tricky 🙂 

Do you need a hand with your WordPress website?

I can help you I can also help with Wix and Squarespace. Book a free 30 minute chat now and let’s see what is working for your website and what you might change. We can also see if I am the girl for the job.