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Connected Marketing is a boutique marketing agency located in NSW Australia and run by Natasha Berta BComm.

Natasha acknowledges the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation, the custodians of this beautiful land on which she lives and works.

She also pays respect to all Elders past & present.

The spiritual connection that the Djiringanj people have with the Yuin Country cannot be broken.

Sovereignty has never been ceded.

“Thank you for taking such good care of the wild, beautiful places of Araganu, the coastline and forests where I get nurtured.”

Connected Marketing supports businesses to grow by reaching more ideal clients

grow an aligned audience

Group Program Starts July 13

what is your next best step so you can connect with more ideal clients?

Developing Your Gorgeous Online Presence

Setting up your business marketing is not like it used to be. You can work from anywhere and serve people from your laptops. So your Presence could your gorgeous, magnetic website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn presence and Instagram account. Or it could be the bare absolute minimum while you test a new idea and grow your revenue. What do you need right now? 

Self directed. That’s what a lot of us entrepreneurs are. We know how to get things done.

But sometimes we just need to up-skill in a particular area or get another set of eyeballs on what we are doing because we are too close into our own business to see clearly what the next step is. We just need a little help from someone. That’s where courses can be great – for new skills. Or group mentoring, for a little bit of help just when you need it. They’re the affordable option.

Attracting more potential customers to you and helping them get to know you

Facebook© and Instagram© are major sources of opportunity and headaches for business people. Part of the problem is all of the conflicting advice about what you should do. Or the massive lists of how much you need to do everyday that probably feels unachievable for you. Should you post every day? (sneaky spoiler – nope). Should you run ads? And how can you run ads that actually work? 

Are you nodding?

But maybe you’re wondering how this all works. How much it costs and how I can actually help you.

I recommend the free 30-minute chat:

Alternatively, you might like to see some example pricing.

These are available for websites, retainers and done for you services:

“Natasha is excellent at what she does and is doing. She gently guides you to understand your own individual marketing needs AND how-to make it happen.”

From the mouths of biz babes

Right from the start and Natasha's initial interview we clicked. She got me. In a single zoom session, we had a clear and honest discussion about what I had and Natasha was able to decipher though my technotard-itis and understand exactly what I wanted. It's an understatement to say I'm delighted with both Natasha and her exceptional services. I refer everyone to her now!

Karen Humphries, Blooming From Within

Natasha Berta is an absolute gem full of knowledge and skill in implementing marketing and all the things I'm unable to do. Her intuitive wisdom and sense of humour really support me in getting my message clear and the next steps in connecting with my people and growing my business.

Mandy Siegel, Speak with Confidence

After one hour with Natasha, I finished all my Canva resources, made them all fillable, explored Acuity, and researched websites I liked. I felt confident to launch my pilot with good resources. I got so much mileage out of that one session and overcame lots of fear and technotard! (She) just helped me to bust through that barrier and run tbh.

Emma Polities, Wellbeing with Emma Jane

Natasha is a one-stop shop for marketing. I can get my ads, my website, my email marketing and my lead magnets all set up in one sessions with her. No need to wait to hear back from the developer, and the graphics designer. We can get in and take action right when I need to.

Nicole Bathurst, Naturally Nic

Lifelong learning = growth mindset


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Interview with Master Trainer Jason Schneider

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Feeling yuck about running ads?

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