Welcome to the Connected Marketing blog where I will be sharing a number of articles about online business and marketing.

The main topics you will be seeing articles about are:

I look forward to sharing my nurturing, soul aligned approach to marketing as I cover some typical marketing topics like website, social media, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, email marketing, time saving technology, delivering services, online course creation and content creation.

I am all too aware that there is plenty of information out there, but what you find here has my own flavour sprinkled in.

You might be wondering what my particular flavour is.


I would say that I am a little bit irreverent, I love the mystical and spiritual aspect of life, I have a background in yoga, mindfulness, wholefoods cooking, permaculture and nature based experiences. I am also creative which is a bit of a juxtaposition with the fact that I also love systems. I have spent many years supporting women during pregnancy, birth and mothering through yoga and I have a special spot in my heart for feminism & female empowerment.

I also have my own personal journey of not taking responsibility, playing the victim and being too passive in my choices about the direction of my life. I was looking for someone else to tell me how to do things which got me into all kinds of trouble. It also helped me to trust, understand and connect more deeply with my


intuition and

inner voice.

I encourage all my clients to connect to their own inner authority about what they should do in their business and resist the urge to buy into marketing fads or cookie cutter solutions.

I love to create blogs that answer your blog requests so if you have any questions please reach out to me via email natasha@connectedmarketing.com.au with any video or article requests.

I hope this blog provides lots of helpful tips and insights to help your business nurture you and support you while you share your gifts and talents with the world.