Case Study: Tamara Protassow’s website

Case Study: Tamara Protassow’s website

Tamara Protassow is a writing coach, editor and more. Her main ninja skill is helping you get your book out of you and into the world. She does this by helping you understand your writing style and giving you tailor made recommendations in her free quiz. Or, if you are ready to birth that thing, you can use her Quick and Easy Book done for you templates so you can write straight away.
She came to me for help with her website. Any time Tamara was asked for her website she would shrink, cringe and hope like hell that they didn’t find it. A major case of website shame.

“I had a website that I’d made myself, which I was ashamed of. I’m not a designer, not a web tech person, but I can google stuff and work things out just fine. I’d gone from one that looked fine about 6 years ago to absolutely hideous because I tried to change it in a hurry and then got busy with actual work with clients and then left it as is. I was definitely hoping no-one was going to see it!! (Also, I’d not really needed a website because I was fully booked by word of mouth, however I decided to change the way I do business and suddenly needed a website I could send people to without wishing the floor would eat me).”

We all know how it goes…she had help to create a WordPress site that she was pretty happy with but things changed over time. So Tamara tried to do some new things on the website herself. She is smart and could figure out how to create pages and edit them. 

But pretty pictures are not her thing. She just couldn’t get it to look good and was sick of trying to do it herself.

Plus, she was missing opportunities because she didn’t want to share her existing website. 

Tamara and I went through my usual website building process:

  • Initial 1hour call to map out the project and set timelines
  • I ruffle off and create some draft pages to find the right look and feel
  • A second meeting, 30-minutes this time, to review the draft pages on a Zoom call and finalise the look and feel for the site
  • I ruffle off and build out the pages of the website which I then email over for review and refinement before our:
  • Final 30-minute Zoom call to wrap up the project

“Natasha made building my website with her easy. From the intake questionnaire to the meetings and set actions, it was smooth sailing. I really enjoyed my calls with Natasha – seeing her cheery face made me feel really at ease, and her use of systems to keep track of all the moving parts was reassuring. She really listened to feedback, and was perfectly fine with the opinions I had about the aesthetics for my website. 

Whenever I got a little bit lost, I just emailed and asked the questions, and got set straight. 

Communication was terrific – we emailed and had zoom calls, which were quick, happy and fun. 

I loved how having the agreed website deadline/timeline, which included deliverables I had to provide, kept me on track. That was stellar.”

I set up WooCommerce and 3 products for Tamara, we created a great “Freebies” page and we developed a super simple website logo and colours. She had some new photos taken which really gave the site a lift and now Tamara is happy to report – no more website shame. 

But further to that – Tamara emailed me and said she is feeling a profound sense of confidence in her business now. She is so excited to share the website and feels more open to new opportunities.

I absolutely love my website now. I feel super proud of it, and one massive perk is that it didn’t cost me my sanity or 2am Googling sessions. I am so happy with it, and with Natasha’s service!

Outsource your website build to Natasha. She’ll get it done, it’ll look fab, and you’ll have your time and sanity to enjoy!”

I am so humbled by Tamara’s kind words and I really do love the creative process of building websites or refurbishing them. I would say that Tamara’s site was more of a refurbish that a new build, because she already had all of her hosting and domain set up. But I am happy to start from scratch too. 

Generally websites cost about $222 per page including mobile optimisation and then all the calls are billed at my hourly Face to Face rate of $166/h. Other little tricks like WooCommerce set up ($200) or products (around $50 each) bundle up for a project a bit over $1000. Book a free chat if you’d like to chat about your website project.

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

Case Study: Shoshana Sadia

Case Study: Shoshana Sadia

Today’s case study is focussing mostly on the work I did with Shosh, supporting her with her MailChimp, although we have done lots of other things together like course creation, Facebook ads and website development. 

Shoshi is a “Womxn’s Empowerment Mentor and Cycle Guide”. She helps women to use their cycle as a superpower which invariably creates a lot of magic in their lives, harnessing the energy that is available and nourishing themselves when that is called for. 

If you want to have a better relationship with your womb, you can grab her free Womb Meditation or if you want to go all the way to SuperHero status you can take the 5 week course, “The Cycle”. Or you can just follow her on Instagram for loads of inspiration and tips to make the most of being a woman creatrix. 

When I started helping Shosh with her MailChimp she was finding it hard to get her emails to look good.

She found that the formatting and fonts were always weird when she copied the text over from a word doc or from her socials. I also noticed lots of in-text links instead of buttons because she didn’t know how to get sexy buttons. She wanted to have reliable templates, so she could use that one good email with text, buttons, images and colours in place and then just duplicate it to create automated email nurture sequences and to send out campaigns.

Shosh has the lowest paid version you can get on MailChimp, so she gets 3 audiences, and automations but she felt like there was more she could do using tagging and segments if only she knew how. 

All of this together meant that she didn’t feel comfortable sending out emails to her gorgeous people and she wasn’t hosting free webinars, masterclasses or launching her course. Because she couldn’t use the tool. 

We did a mixture of things to get her MailChimp account ship shape and highly functioning. 

One thing Shoshi was nailing already was creating landing pages in MailChimp and using tags to deliver freebies all through her one list (before she upgraded to paid). But some of those landing pages weren’t as sexy as she hoped. Step one was a revamp of her landing page header images and text formatting. 

What I was seeing was inconsistent fonts and way too many different fonts in general.

I recommend choosing one font for headings and one font for body text. No more than that 🙂

So I edited the landing pages to have consistent font use and sizing which gave us an immediate relief. 

I also created a new header image for the landing pages that was just like the images on the website banners.

Getting Shoshi a template she could use for all emails and automations was another easy fix focussing on these 3 things: 

  1. Consistent font types
  2. Consistent font sizing
  3. Creating branded buttons

Once I set these, Shosh had a template email she could use for campaigns and automations. 

There was another trick too: the address had changed but that wasn’t showing up in the footer even though Shosh had edited it in the email. This is because the “From” address in the footer isn’t set on a per email basis. There are actually some settings in your account info you need to go and edit. You go to Account > Contact Info and edit your address there. So that is fixed too!

The final step was to set Shoshi free to create gorgeous emails for herself. I did this by making short, screen share videos of how to set the fonts, how to create the buttons and a number of other things she does on the regular like moving people from one list to another. I use a screen recorder tool and do the task with verbal instructions which I then send over to my clients so they can follow along and do it themselves. These recordings are available as long as the interwebs exist as a future resource for my clients. 

Shoshi hardly needs me for MailChimp related support at all these days and can use her email marketing smilingly and confidently.

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

Do you just want to learn how to master MailChimp?

I’m currently delivering MailChimp mentoring in a group program which will probably run again later this year. I also love helping people 1-1 with MailChimp so feel free to book a free chat or check out the MailChimp mentoring info here: 

Case Study: Nic Bathurst

Case Study: Nic Bathurst

Nic Bathurst is a dietitian and has a job that she finds really satisfying, but…she has a passion to support women through her own business.

Her business, Naturally Nic is blossoming beautifully after 5 years of consistent effort. You can find her on Facebook, sharing awesome (and BS free) product reviews of “healthy” food, you can get her freedom ticket – the “Sugar Truth” short course or you can work with her 1-1 to completely transform your relationship with food. 




In the early days of her business Nic had a number of people support her to set up a website, Acuity, social media and eBooks, MailChimp, but she felt like she wasn’t techy. She used to cry tears of frustration when she had to do work in her business related to “the tech” and it all went wrong. Things like MailChimp, website edits, Facebook ads, managing her Acuity and her Xero accounting. Nic would get so overwhelmed with all the tech. She knew she needed to learn how to use them all so she could move forward in her business.


She came to me because she thinks she is not techy; to get my help to do things for her and to learn to do them for herself.

At the time I was offering a year long mentoring program called the Elevator – to take business women to a new level. I was basically helping members wherever they were at, with anything they needed a hand with (that was within my scope). 

I supported Nic with her website, her MailChimp, her social media and basically anything she brought to the table. We looked at the list of things we’ve worked on over the last year and she said I need to tell you I’m a one stop shop.

Gradually, over time Nic has started to get the hang of doing techy things for herself.

Part of the success was knowing that I had her back so she could just try, and invariably learn, rather than worry about “breaking” things.

I believe that a lot of technicians get a thrill from using jargon and talking down to their customers which ultimately disempowers the end user. 

I strive to support people to feel capable and at ease with their tech. But this can take a little while and practice. 

One tool I love to use is video how-to’s so that people can work along with my simple instructions. They can pause me and do each step with me. 

Another thing that has been successful to support Nic has been mentoring her on exactly how to do things herself. I demo once and then I sit with her while she does it. This really helps rewire the neural pathways around each task. Following up with more practice then seals the deal on the learning.

Of course, some things that are one off tasks I may simply perform for her. But any tasks that will be done again and again can be easily learned with caring support and practice. 

Now Nic does a lot of her own tech. She sends emails, works on her automations, edits her Acuity email reminders, manages her Zoom meetings, edits her website landing pages, runs webinars, and runs her own Facebook ads. She also just set up all the tech of her new course in FreshLMS by herself. 

And better than all the things she can do, Nic now knows that when she gets that uncomfortable feeling about tech, she can learn how to do it and it will get easier. No more tears for Nic over tech. Now she is capable and runs many of her online business actions confidently. 

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

Do you just want to talk to me about your business and website?

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