Some prospective clients ask me if I can tell them about the rates of success I’ve had with other clients. The want a guarantee. They also like to hear about industry standards and what the marketing rules are for certain marketing actions.

A little while ago I did this (slighty) cheeky video and then Nick the Intern turned it into this fancy blog article for me.

It pretty much covers my personal philosophy about life and marketing.


Marketing is an incredibly dynamic industry and there is unfortunately no cookie cutter way to become successful.

Finding a business with a “guaranteed marketing success plan” is a bold and perhaps controversial statement as every business is different with different components in the business, such as customers, position in the market, competitors etc.

One of the best ideologies to take into a business, especially a marketing business would be the following:

FEFO – Fail early, Fail Often

Marketing at its core is all about experimentation.

Playing with new ideas, testing new types of engagement with consumers and target audiences to see how they respond. Then using that data to tailor content accordingly.

The FEFO methodology stems from the idea that its ok to fail and in fact encouraged, because even no engagement is a type of engagement! It means that what you did, didn’t quite work, so how can you tweak this and boost your engagement?

Having this type of ongoing continuous experimental and rapid prototyping mindset will be a huge asset to not only your business model but will help keep an optimistic attitude if results are not ideal, but this is ok because it means you are one step closer to success.

The best way to be successful in marketing is to really double down on your business’ strengths and what you want to “show off” and be perceived as by consumers. This will help guide your marketing plan and dictate what type of experimentation you want to engage in!

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