What are Australian Bush Flower Essences?

What are Australian Bush Flower Essences?

Plants as medicine

Humans have always used plants for food and medicine. Over time, experiments were conducted, plants were eaten and various outcomes were observed. This knowledge was handed down from person to person over generations and the lineage of plant healing evolved. 

Plants can also be used for spiritual evolution and transformation. To receive these desired effects from plants humans have interacted with plants in many different ways. Eating plants is one way to receive the medicinal benefits or the healing & transformation benefits. Poultices and external application of plants to the body is another way to receive the benefits of plants. Essential oils is another.

Simply having the plants growing nearby is another way to imbibe the healing, transformational powers of plants. This is the basis of how bush flower essences work.

Many physical ailments have their basis in emotional, psychological or spiritual issues on a deeper level. We are more than just our bodies. Flower essences can address healing and transformation on these other , varied levels of experience beyond the body. 

What is a flower essence?

When a flower opens and the cycle of the sun passes through a day the flower releases its essence into the air through evaporating essential oils as well as the plant’s spiritual energy frequency. A flower essence is an extraction of that energetic, vibrational quality of the flower.

All things are made of matter and also energy. The energy of any object is not visible to all eyes. It can be perceived or felt. It can also be collected and that is how a flower essence is created. 

How an essence is created

An essence is created by placing flowers in a bowl of water for the course of a day. The flowers can either be cut from the plant or the entire branch of a plant can be immersed in the water as the sun moves from sunrise, through the day and into night. This water is then drained of plant material and stored with brandy as a preservative to ensure its longevity. 

This is called the mother essence and gets diluted many times to create the essence that you might choose to take. The healing power of plants have physical aspects to them such as oils and fibrous plant matter. The beauty of using essences is that the essence is collected on an energetic level. 

The energetic vibration of the plant is stored in the mother essence and in the preserved mother and cannot be diminished by dilution. 

Even so the essence that you consume is still only one or two dilutions from the original mother essence.

Anyone can make a flower essence but the challenge is to interpret the healing benefits of any particular flower essence. 

Flower essences in general

Flower essences have been used extensively across many cultures including here in Australia by our first nations people. 

In Western, contemporary alternative medicine, flower essences were brought to popularity by Dr Edward Bach who developed Bach Flower essences. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences have been developed by Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist. He grew up with his grandmother nearby who was a herbalist. He would walk extensively with her in the Sydney bush and loved to immerse in the native plant life with her. He also spent time with her as she made her herbal extracts and tinctures. His grandmother and great-grandmother were some of the earliest white people to research and use Australian native plants for healing. 

Ian’s  relationship with Australian plants for healing developed over time through his own healing process as a young person. He initially trained as a naturopath and had a fascinating journey to develop the essences through meditation, reflection and his spirit guides.

The Australian flower essences were developed in the modern era. They were shared with us at this time to address the specific needs arising for humans today. These needs are more than just physical ailments and include the psychological, spiritual and emotional states that we find challenging right now.

As the Australian Bush Flower essences have been introduced to the global community of healers and medicine people, some distinct differences between the Australian and other plant essences have been noticed. 

One thing that is often noticed is the speed, depth and power of Australian plants and flowers compared with flowers from other countries. 

Many people who live in Australia are aware of the power of the land. The spiritual quality of the land is a significant part of the indigenous culture and easily perceived by indigenous and non-indigenous Australians alike. 

Not only do we love our country but we feel a profound, deep and moving connection with her. 


Flower essences can be used safely by people of all ages including babies, children and the elderly. They have no negative side effects and can also be used on pets.

More about Australian Bush Flower Essences

To learn more about Australian Bush Flower essences and the founder Ian White I encourage you to read “Australian Bush Flower Essences” by Ian White. He shares many enlightening stories about his personal life and the details of creating flower essence for you to dive into if you feel called. 

You can find that at the Australian Bush Flower Essence website HERE

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

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