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& group mentoring

hey there smart woman

You’re just like me…

You’re clever, you know how to get stuff done and you don’t need too much hand holding. 

But occasionally you are doing something new in your business and like to just have a little hand with this or that…

Online classes or Group Mentoring gives you just the level of interaction and support you need to get to that next level of revenue and impact.


group mentoring

had enough fights with mailchimp yet? 

I have spent the long nights up late with MialChimp

And now I spend many days interacting with the Chimp for clients. Love it or loathe it – it’s a free tool and a much used tool and a relatively low cost tool that does a lot of stuff for your business. If only you could figure it out. 

GOOD NEWS: a MailChimp Group Mentoring Beta starts March 30th.

BAD NEWS: there isn’t any. Get my help for 5 weeks and walk away with a lot more MailChimp know how and confidence. Live calls and training modules. And it’s only $60-$120 depending on your financial capacity.

There aren’t many spaces left so email me right away if you’re interested:

Lots of nodding but wishing it was for mailerlite? 

More good news: I’m doing MailerLite too!

In terms of a free email marketing tool I actually think you can do better than MailChimp. I recommend MailerLite and SendInBlue – so I’m running a MailerLite mentoring group starting April 22nd. If you are eager for some low cost support, join me for the MailerLite Mentoring beta. Again, it will be 5 weeks of live calls and content. Customised support and pay at your rate $60-$120.

Email me now for your next steps:

get help with the tech side of your course

I have been loving Gurucan as a course content platform…


Are you thinking you can’t set up the tech on your own. 

It’s ok – I love Gurucan and I will help you set it all up. I’ll be delivering the mentoring in May/June 2021.  But Gurucan is on sale through AppSumo right now!

I am thinking 4-6 weeks of live calls and course content.

If this is for you, please email me and I’ll get you going with the onboarding form.