Do you have customers who have paid for your course that is now on Fresh LMS, but they didn’t pay through Fresh LMS and now you need to add them, and give them access to their course?

This happened to me when I left Kartra. I moved all of my courses over to Fresh LMS and then I needed to give access to the people who had already paid.

A client of mine wanted to stick with her reliable and known system of taking payment through PayPal so she used this method.

You might want to invoice someone through your regular invoicing system like Xero accounting (or whatever yo happen to use). You would do this if you want to give someone a discount, because Fresh LMS doesn’t current;y have coupons available…

So below is a video explaining how to add members and then give them course access.

I bought Fresh LMS as a lifetime license through AppSumo; have you heard of them? I love AppSumo for these sales on software which are often crazy affordable lifetime versions of products that would othersie be a monthly fee or other great discounts.

Basic Instructions

  • Log in to your Fresh LMS
  • On the left, look for the little heads icon, for Members
  • Click on the button in the top right “Add Member”
  • Add the first name and email of the person. you’re adding
  • Click SAVE
  • Your new member will be the last person on your members list. So go to the last page of your list of members.
  • Click on the new member’s name
  • From the “Select Course” dropdown, choose the course/s you want to give them access to
  • Click the “+ Add” button
  • Now, you should see a button next to the course that says “Add Payment” – click it
  • Fill in the transaction ID – this might be. your invoice number from PayPal or the invoice number
  • Also fill in the date, and the payment mode – you might say “past payment”, “PayPal” or “Xero”
  • Click “Save”

You should be good to go now. 

If your customer has forgotten their log ins you can click the “Resend Verification Email” so they can reset their password. Then they should see their course/s and start learning. 

I hope this was helpful and I hope you have a beautiful day. 

Hit me up with any questions in the comments. 

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