Many of you know that I live in Bega and my region has been affected by fires in the last week.

It has been stressful and at times scary but I am very lucky. I live in Bega and it is a pretty safe spot.

Unfortunately, a number of people in my region have lost their homes in the fires. I don’t want to dramatize the events of the past week. The media is pretty good at that.

(the video above explains how the GoFundMe works, who the people are and what impact the fire has had on me personally)

This whole fire business is making me feel a bit impotent and disempowered. I want to do something to help. And I have heard that many others feel the same.

Some smart people who have lost their homes have created GoFundMe campaigns to receive donations from others who wish to help. I am going to share a heap of these links on this page.

These are people that I know. Or a mate of mine who lives in Cobargo knows them. These are people who didn’t have their homes insured and are currently homeless. They have no way to rebuild without your help.

If you are able to donate anything, I know that these people would greatly appreciate your support.

If you have a GoFundMe to rebuild your home, please contact me and I can list yours here too.

Thanks in advance.

GoFundMe campaigns 


Shaz and Swampy

“The Wotton Wandeezie home is a world that has been ours and yours and anyone’s. It gave to all who came. It was and still is the heart beat to us. It is our soul.

Sadly it was wiped out in the Badja Forest Road fire that also took most of the communities homes.”

This GoFundMe is organised for Sharon and Tom by their daughter Tegan. It was lost on 30 Dec 2019 near Cobargo.

Felicie Vachon

“We have lost our home on Dec 31st to the South Coast infierno, huge bush fires in NSW. We will be hopping from friend to friend’s for a while but are hoping to get  a mobile home situation for our son Ellis, 2 years, Josephine, 4 months and us as parents. And maybe a bit of gear.
We have lost everything.
Thank you so much,
Felicie & Jeremy”

These guys have little kids, and now they have no house and no gear. Part of the Dec 30 2019 desolation in and around Cobargo.

Jesse Graham

“This morning my family and I received the news that my Aunty and Uncle who lived in a small wooden, off the grid house just outside of Eden, NSW have been seriously affected by the fires..

I am asking to raise as much money as possible to help in anyway I can.

I am deeply saddened by the devastating fires and am praying for everyone effected. Love, light and bucket loads of rain to all x”

Organised by Eva Thompson. Friends of mine who live at Kiah and lost their home on January 4th 2020.

Cobargo Bikram Studio

The studio is one of the many properties that burnt down when a catastrophic fire engulfed Cobargo on the NSW Coast on New Years Eve.  Lives, homes and business have been lost and aftermath is devastating.

The beautiful boutique studio Bikram Yoga Sapphire Coast owned by the amazing Amrei and Ben Marden has been reduced to rubble. Our hearts are breaking for them and the community of Cobargo.”

This yoga studio is owned by my friends Ben and Amrei. Burnt to the ground on December 30.

Massi and Melinda

The money will go to purchase the basic infrastructures we lost: water tank, pipes, generator, kitchen burners etc.

Thank You for supporting us to rebuild our farm.

With Love and Gratitude
Massi & Melinda”

A mate of mine near Bemboka.


“Samarpan/Beck’s property, in the Brogo valley, near Quaama, Cobargo, Bega was wiped out Dec 31, 2019.  She was able to grab a few things, but not much. All the things necessary for bush living like generator, water pump & hoses, tank and the new 20k solar system she’d saved as a respite carer were destroyed.
She left as burning embers fell out of the sky. Even the house she retreated to in town was licked by firefronts and she is lucky to be alive. 
She is currently staying with friends, traumatised and at a loss with how to continue. Her house was not insured, so there is no handout coming her way. 
Please help her in at least starting on the road to recovery. 
Money raised will be used to take the first steps to having a shelter again eg. clear house rubble, perhaps go toward a caravan or temporary accommodation so she can start work again.”

Such a gorgeous human that 2 people are organising GoFundMe for her. Her sister and another friend. 

Jens and Tash

Jens, Tash, Eve and Hanno have lost their home and everything inside it.

At 2:30 in the morning on New Year’s Eve, as the incredibly hot and fast Badja fire approached, the family were forced to flee their home in Quaama. They only had time to pack the bare essentials for the next few days.”

Dylan Birchall is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Natasha Roberts. Friends of many of my friends.

Ash and Nicholas

It has been a  very dark and tragic end to the year for Ash, Nicholas and their three young children; Akiva (7), Golda (5) and Caspian (1). On New Year’s Eve they lost their home in the beautiful town of Quaama, due to the NSW South Coast bush fires. 

Luckily they are all safe, but the devastation that has been left behind is heartbreaking. Within no more than 8 hours of evacuating, their entire home was destroyed. Sadly they didn’t have time to save their pet chickens and guinea pigs. “

Emily Morris is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Ashleigh Barnes. Friends of a Cobargo mate of mine.

Zoey and Michael

Zoey and her partner Michael lost their home on New Year’s Eve, when a bushfire tore through the NSW South Coast of Cobargo. The couple have a 22 month old daughter and Zoey is six months pregnant with their second child. 

The couple lost everything in the fire, and Zoey’s experience of evacuating with her child was harrowing. The young family are now staying with Zoey’s mum at her home in Cobargo, which only narrowly escaped being destroyed in the fire.”

Campaign organised by Sean Davey  on behalf of Zoey and Michael. Mates of a mate.

Bandicoot Pottery Studio

Based in the gorgeous town of Cobargo, they along with so many, have had their lives turned upside down in the recent fires in New South Wales. Their pottery studio and all the stock in it was destroyed on New Year’s Eve. This was their workplace, their love, their passion.
While their home is insured, the studio was not and they need help to rebuild.”

Gabrielle is a generous woman who tirelessly serves the Women’s Resource Centre in Bega and a friend.

The Boot Family

“Two of our three buildings exploded. All of our belongings inside these buildings and our farm equipment have been reduced to ash and shards of twisted metal.  Our fields are an eerie moonscape of black dust. Our fences have vanished. Water tanks have melted. We no longer have electricity to our property.
As a family, we are currently safe. Our animals are also safe at the moment thanks to an incredible neighbour’s generosity, but they have no feed or regular access to water.”

Friends of a friend in Cobargo. 

McDonald Family

“My best friend Polly and her family have lost everything in the south coast bushfires. Everyone is safe, but their property has burned along with everything they couldn’t fit in the car. Pol has two young kids and is currently staying with her brother, whose home is not yet safe from the fires either. She doesn’t have a home to return to, like many Australians living on our coast. She and her family are amazing people who would do anything to help anyone. Polly would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it, and now she needs our help to rebuild a home. Even if you donate $1, you will be helping more than you know. Thank you for reading, please ask any questions you have! ❤️”

Emily Carters is organizing this fundraiser. Friends of a Cobargo friend.

Moni and Graham

Mum and Dad have lost absolutely everything they ever owned in the devastating bush fires that swept through our beautiful community on Friday the 8th November.

Their entire life of 48 years of possessions and memories, gone! 
This was their life, their home, their everything. 
As most know, Mum and Dads house was a sanctuary for many. People came and went. All with full bellies, filled hearts and fond memories. 
If you can, any donation amount would be appreciated beyond words. 
Mum and Dad are heartbroken and I want to take a little heaviness away if I can.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 
Zoe x”
Friends of a Cobargo friend. Organised by Zoe Smith.

Amy Kilpatrick’s Parents

“My parents home has been lost to the Cobargo and Wandella bush fires. Unfortunately they, like many others, were not insured and have lost everything (they are on limited income  and could not afford the insurance). There are many other impacted families and worthy causes and I encourage everyone to donate to these first (e.g. RFS and Patrick Salway’s family). Anything anyone can spare to support my parents in the next few weeks would be really appreciated ❤”

A friend of a friend in Cobargo.

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