Are you creative? 

I pose this question to you for reflection.

I have my own opinion about it. 

If you are alive you are creative. 

If you are in business you are creative.

The old paradigm of our society tells us that creative people make art and then that art gets sold or hung in a gallery. It tells us that only some people have the “right stuff” to be an artist and that if our creative output doesn’t look like what we see in a gallery, that we aren’t creative and we should be an accountant or something. 

That is all a big fat lie. 

Every cup of tea, every meal, every doodle while we’re on the phone and especially your business is a creative act. 

Creativity is to create something. To create something is to bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. 

So yes: you are creative. The small ways like meals and tea and the large ways, like a business or your art.

creativity video

If you prefer to listen, I have a little love to share on this podcast too:

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What do you think? 
Are you creative?

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