Once you’ve set up the Marketing Basics for your business you might be ready for MORE!
More clients, more revenue and more marketing. 
If you have your website, branding and Facebook set up and you want more, I would encourage you to walk through the following steps to grow your business to the next level. 

If you don’t have your basics set up I suggest you check out this blog where I outline the basic steps and then you could pop back here and take your pick of excellent 2nd stage moves.

If you are ready, then choose one of these at a time, dedicate yourself for 1-3 moinths and then choose another.

If you follow all of these recommendations, you will definitely start to see some business growth over time.

1. Strategy

There are way too many ways to grow your business and too many experts trying to sell you their latest product.

If you have a strategy and a target you are shooting for with steps to follow, you will have HEAPS more mental clarity on the day to day level.

You will have a bubble around you to protect you from shiny objects and random (latest, new, fantastic) marketing trends.

So first things first, you need a strategy.

Move on to the next step 🙂

2. IRL marketing

If you are inclined, I ALWAYS recommend personal connections. Local networking events are one way to connect with actual humans. But don’t be a gross salesy person. Just go with the intention of meeting some humans. My coach Melanie White has a great podcast about this you can listen to here.

Listen to that podcast HERE >>

Word of mouth and referral marketing are frequently the best way to reach more clients so it’s a great option if that works for your personailty and nature.

3. Get the Facebook© pixel on your website

Whether you are planning to ads yet or not, if you have a website and you have a long term vision for your business, you need the pixel on your site. 

It’s very easy to get the pixel on your site. If you have a WordPress site and you are a little savvy, you can use the Pixel My Site plug in and put the pixel on yourself. You’ll probably find these instructions from Facebook helpful: 

And if you’re not into stuff like that, your developer should be able to help you. 

If you don’t have a developer, I can help you!

Basically, the pixel is a small piece of code that lets Facebook© know when someone who has a Facebook© account has been to your website. It stores that data for 180 days and allows you to target your promotional posts to those people.

It’s very nifty and a bit creepy. But you don’t have to use it in a creepy way! It’s a great way to stay in touch with people who are interested in your service but need more information to decide whether or not to continue with you. 

I highly recommend! It takes 10 minutes and is a true business asset now and in the future. 

If you're keen to learn more about Facebook Ads...

I have a really affordable and easy to follow eCourse called Facebook© Ads Simplified.

4. Add people to your Facebook© Ad account

And if you are ready to run ads…you might need a hand so you’ll need to know how to add other people to your ad account. It’s not too hard and while you’re in there you’ll find all kinds of other nifty info like your daily ads limit and your billing maximum.

Make friends with your back end!

Lucky for you I made this easy to understand video so you can do that!

5. Instagram

Once you’ve nailed Facebook you might be ready for Instagram and if you don’t have Facebook, you ONLY have Insta: same. Facebook is the new Yellow pages and Instagram is important if your audience is female or young.

There are a few quirks and if you are a total beginner or you’re ready to grow your account, I have an Instagram eCourse called Instant Instagram Increase where I share a step by step approach to build and grow an Instagram business account.

I also have a lot of videos over on my YouTube channel that can help you for freeeeee:

6. YouTube

Aaaand speaking of YouTube – I’m super passionate about video marketing! It’s a great way to make clones of yourself so you can be with your kids, on the beach or asleep and people can get to know you and decide whether or not you can help them.

It’s also the second most searched for website and the 2nd most downlaoaded app (after Google and YouTube respectively).

But like anything, there are a few clunks and steps involved.

Again, lucky for you I have written a killer blog about YouTube Success tips and you can read all 14 here:

I also ran a practical masterclass where I taught a bunch of women the tech side of setting up their YouTube for success. You can grab the recording here for freeeee:


I suggest you pick one a month and dedicate your time to nailing them systematically. You can get there!

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