Join me for a fun chat with super boss babe, Karen Phillips about what you can do now that your website is live.

No, sorry, it’s not over yet.

If you want your website to be found there is a little more to be done. And Karen is the woman I send everyone to who asks me about SEO because she is the boss of SEO in my eyes. 

Karen helps you get found online.

She helps women with SEO to get their website more discoverable by Google.
She says: “It’s not Field of Dreams – “Build it and they will come” with your website.”

We discussed:

  • do you need SEO even if you are not seeking local customers. What is you serve Australia wide or globally?
  • what is SEO?
  • what does Google use to decide whether or not people see your website when you search for it?
  • what you can do to be found better by Google
  • the multiple places where you need your keywords
and she also gave us 1-3 easy tips to improve your SEO right now even if your mind gets a bit blown by all of this. 
Here is Karen’s blog post that she mentioned
And from there you will find out how to contact her and get her help with your SEO.

Want to build a website with Karen and I?

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