Trying to figure out which hashtags work best for your business on Instagram? 
I know that you can use 30, and I used to share the recommendation to use all 30 but I didn’t really have a reliable way to test which ones were really working – and now I do so of course I want to share it with you!
Here’s how:
I used to teach people to use 30 hashtags and test them…but I didn’t really know how to tell which hashtags were successful and which ones weren’t. I didn’t have a system.
Now I have a spreadsheet and a weekly reminder + I do some research every couple of months.

Here’s the whole process step, by step:


Using a mixture of intuition and exploring influencers in your industry, write a list of hashtags you are thinking about using.
Go into “Explore” in Instagram and type the hashtag then have a look at some of the posts associated with that hashtag.
Is that the kind of community you want to be a part of? Are your people here?

Set up your experiment

I love a spreadsheet but even a word document would do.
I have listed:
Number of associated posts
Source (account name or my hunch)
Notes to self about it
Date used
Number of impressions

Make it happen

I like to create a weekly task where I post my content and use hashtags + review the ones I used in the past.
I spend 1.5h a week on my IG content, ads and hashtag experiments.

Review Impressions

In the following week, when I come back to rinse and repeat, I look at the posts I used specific hashtags on, click on “Insights” under the post and see if I had any impressions from the hashtags.
If it doesn’t have impressions from hashtags, then you didn’t have anyone click your post based on the hashtag – simple as that.
Over time you will see which hashtags are gaining you traction and which are not.

Bonus tip:

Pop the hashtag in the first comment after your post, rather than in the post itself – but if you are scheduling don’t worry about this – it’s possibly a priority to protect your time and energy more than have a perfect hashtag placement!

I hope this helps you today. Hit me up with your questions in the comments 🙂

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