What is the URL of your WordPress website?
If your login URL is {your-website-name} / admin or {your-website-name} / wp-admin your site can easily be targeted by hackers.
That’s because {your-website-name} / admin is the arbitrary URL that WordPress issues to all websites. So anyone can just type in /admin and get access to your log in page.
Which is fine if your username and password are secure.
But if your username is admin (the one WordPress automatically assigns to you) and your password is easy to guess – BOOM! Hackers playground.
But don’t fret – I’ve got you covered in this easy to understand video:

Some very easy things you can do right now to increase the security of your site:

1. Make sure you don’t have a user called “admin”.
If you do, delete it and attribute “admin”‘s content to a new user called your name or something even harder to hack. You can see your users in the right hand bar in the dashboard of your website (see image here).
Once you get in you can hover over any user and the option to Edit will appear. Go in and sort out a new user for yourself if you are currently admin.
2. Make sure your password is a bit tricky. 
Don’t make it your name or the website’s name. Google search for random password generator and sort that out if you can’t think of a nice tricky one. 

3. Get a plug in that will allow you to create a custom page OR if you are a Divi user create a 404 page tempalte

Does that sound tricky?

I hope not. There are lots of options for plug ins if you don’t use Divi and if you use Divi you can follow these instructions to allocate your admin page:

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