Do you want to post hashtags on your Instagram posts but you have more than 30 and you don’t want to always just post the same hashtags on every post? 
I LOVE using the “saved captions” on to achive this really easily! is one of my favourite social media scheduling tools (Recurpost is my other one). Using means you can auto post, view your feed as a preview AND you can do this cool trick I’m goign to teach you today. Let’s go!
Ok here’s the basic instructions in words rather than the video tutorial (although that is a better way to get the info 🙂 
1. Log in to
2. Begin to create a post
3. When it comes to writing the caption, click on “Saved Captions”
4. Create a bunch of saved captions with “sets” of hashtags (up to 30) to suit different post types. See the video for examples. 
5. Each time you post, use one or more of the saved captions sets of hashtags. Save loads of time and use your hashtags more suitably. 
6. You are welcome 🙂

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