It was time for a new business card and I was running a Canva + Creativity course for my students so I thought I’d show them (and you) my Canva design process, how to order prints in Canva and then, how long it takes to arrive + the unboxing!

There are 2 videos in this set: the design and ordering and then the unboxing.

designing and ordering prints

I ordered on the 5th of April and they arrived on the 11th of April. I didn’t request express post or pay for it but it has an express label on it. There were also 2 days of public holiday over Easter. 

They can and look exactly like the preview. 

In the button below is the Canva design I used if you’d like to use it too and below there’s the unboxing vid: 


Got any questions? 
Have you printed using Canva before? 

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