Attract more clients with beautiful, impactful visuals on your website and socials

Have more creative fun in your business

Learn loads of my Canva designing tips and other fun ways to be visually creative in your business. This happens over 3 days of live lessons so you can ask the questions that are tripping you up in Canva and creative business.

I’ll be showing you:

  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 What you need for a very basic branding kit when you’re at the very beginning and aren’t ready to contact a graphic designer yet
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 My library of Canva design tips to help your designs look better and happen faster
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 How to create graphics to suit multiple platforms without the magic resize tool
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 Creating an eBook in Canva
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 How to use your paper journals in a visually beautiful and a bit more organised way
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 A bunch of creative fun that can be had on an iPad
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 A bit of colourful magic for filling courses and coaching spaces
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 A process you can use to bring the Australian Bush Flowers into your energy field for enhanced creativity
  • 🖍🖌✏️📓💻 You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other participants for mutual support and potentially collaborate in your business

It’s $66 for hours and hours of training including the Canva video library

PLUS 2 bonus Q&A calls in the coming year.

Looking forward to any questions you may have 🙏🏼


Get immediate access and it’s lifetime access once you enrol.

Whether or not you join this, I hope you find fun ways to be creative in your business on the day to day 🙌🏾

— Natasha Berta