Tamara Protassow is a writing coach, editor and more. Her main ninja skill is helping you get your book out of you and into the world. She does this by helping you understand your writing style and giving you tailor made recommendations in her free quiz. Or, if you are ready to birth that thing, you can use her Quick and Easy Book done for you templates so you can write straight away.
She came to me for help with her website. Any time Tamara was asked for her website she would shrink, cringe and hope like hell that they didn’t find it. A major case of website shame.

“I had a website that I’d made myself, which I was ashamed of. I’m not a designer, not a web tech person, but I can google stuff and work things out just fine. I’d gone from one that looked fine about 6 years ago to absolutely hideous because I tried to change it in a hurry and then got busy with actual work with clients and then left it as is. I was definitely hoping no-one was going to see it!! (Also, I’d not really needed a website because I was fully booked by word of mouth, however I decided to change the way I do business and suddenly needed a website I could send people to without wishing the floor would eat me).”

We all know how it goes…she had help to create a WordPress site that she was pretty happy with but things changed over time. So Tamara tried to do some new things on the website herself. She is smart and could figure out how to create pages and edit them. 

But pretty pictures are not her thing. She just couldn’t get it to look good and was sick of trying to do it herself.

Plus, she was missing opportunities because she didn’t want to share her existing website. 

Tamara and I went through my usual website building process:

  • Initial 1hour call to map out the project and set timelines
  • I ruffle off and create some draft pages to find the right look and feel
  • A second meeting, 30-minutes this time, to review the draft pages on a Zoom call and finalise the look and feel for the site
  • I ruffle off and build out the pages of the website which I then email over for review and refinement before our:
  • Final 30-minute Zoom call to wrap up the project

“Natasha made building my website with her easy. From the intake questionnaire to the meetings and set actions, it was smooth sailing. I really enjoyed my calls with Natasha – seeing her cheery face made me feel really at ease, and her use of systems to keep track of all the moving parts was reassuring. She really listened to feedback, and was perfectly fine with the opinions I had about the aesthetics for my website. 

Whenever I got a little bit lost, I just emailed and asked the questions, and got set straight. 

Communication was terrific – we emailed and had zoom calls, which were quick, happy and fun. 

I loved how having the agreed website deadline/timeline, which included deliverables I had to provide, kept me on track. That was stellar.”

I set up WooCommerce and 3 products for Tamara, we created a great “Freebies” page and we developed a super simple website logo and colours. She had some new photos taken which really gave the site a lift and now Tamara is happy to report – no more website shame. 

But further to that – Tamara emailed me and said she is feeling a profound sense of confidence in her business now. She is so excited to share the website and feels more open to new opportunities.

I absolutely love my website now. I feel super proud of it, and one massive perk is that it didn’t cost me my sanity or 2am Googling sessions. I am so happy with it, and with Natasha’s service!

Outsource your website build to Natasha. She’ll get it done, it’ll look fab, and you’ll have your time and sanity to enjoy!”

I am so humbled by Tamara’s kind words and I really do love the creative process of building websites or refurbishing them. I would say that Tamara’s site was more of a refurbish that a new build, because she already had all of her hosting and domain set up. But I am happy to start from scratch too. 

Generally websites cost about $222 per page including mobile optimisation and then all the calls are billed at my hourly Face to Face rate of $166/h. Other little tricks like WooCommerce set up ($200) or products (around $50 each) bundle up for a project a bit over $1000. Book a free chat if you’d like to chat about your website project.

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”