If your ads don’t feel like they’re working there are a lot of things we can tweak to get better results.

One of those is targeting. But what do I mean? 

When you are creating your ad, and you’re in the “Ad Set” you can choose “Interests” – this is one of the best tools you have at hand.

But what should you put in there? 

I have a great way to mine for ideas; it’s in your own Facebook profile. 

Here’s how you can find your own Interests and use them in your next ad

Did you know that you are served specific ads based on posts & pages you’ve liked, things you’ve typed in the search bar and websites you’ve visited?

Facebook calls this your “Interests”.

You can find your interests by going to:

Account > Settings and Privacy > Settings > Ads > Ad Settings > Categories used to Reach You

Why would you look at your interests?

Quite often

Your client is you

6 months ago

or 2 years ago

In which case, your interests are her interests and you can get great ideas from there. Alternatively, in a market research interview, your interviewee may be willing to let you see their interests. You might need to teach them how to find them 🙂

How did you go with the video? 

The best way to make use of this video is to work along with me. 

Watch it again and:

  1. Find your interests
  2. Create an ad using one of those interests

If you get stuck comment or get in touch with me and I’ll make another video


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