One of the best tools you can have in place for an online business is Acuity for booking sessions with clients and taking payments.

You can save so much time: instead of sending endless emails or messages back and forth trying to find a mutually agreeable session time. PLUS you can start to deliver services, take payments and operate online using Acuity.

You can watch the video here:

If you’re folding washing or on a walk you can listen to it here: 

Or if you like reading, here are the main highlights:

What is Acuity?

Acuity is an online tool you can use for free or you can use the paid version which enables you to take payments, sync to your calendar and customise the appearance to a greater extent.

Here are the basic steps:

Create appointment and class types

Send the person a url where they will go and choose a time (and pay if needed)

Easy huh?

But there is a bit of set up to get you there. Don’t fret – it’s not too hard and I’ll show you how in the video above. 

No website? No worries….

The beauty of Acuity is that you can start setting up sessions and taking payments before you even have a website or as a way to side-step setting up eCommerce on your website. That’s how I started my business. 

What about costs?

There is a free version which is the one I use. However, you can’t take payments on the free version. I use another tool in my swag for payment processing.
PLUS on the paid version you get calendar sync and customising the appearance more.

The first level of upgrade is around $15/mo. If you want to allow bookings and take payment you will need this level. 

If you're wondering whether this is the best tool for your business, you could book a free chat and we can talk systems.

I’m happy to have a free chat with you to help you figure out which online tools your business needs to use to remain agile and get online.

Even if you don’t think we will work together, I love tea and chats, so go ahead and book 🙂