Are you ready to create and sell an online course for your business?

And you don’t want a separate tool to deliver it – you want it inside your WordPress website?

I have found a course platform tool called WP Courseware. It’s a plug in that you can add to your WordPress website that essentially puts Thinkific into your own website. 

Sound interesting? 

Another course platform???
Why would I get this one instead of Gurucan or Fresh LMS?

Some people just like having it all in their website. 

Personally it makes me a little nervous. 

What if I put the plugin on and my site crashes? 

Won’t it take up more space and cost more for hosting? 

I hear you. Questions questions. 

Which is why I made this video of me fumbling through WP Courseware in my early days so you can see how easy/hard it is to use and hear some of my pro’s and cons around having this kind of course set up. 

Here you go:

Overall impressions:

I would say that this is pretty easy to use. 

Obviously, I had a couple of issues with display on the Courses page, and I haven’t even set up my payment gateways yet. But I do think this option has promise.  It’s all there and has a tonne of features you will otherwise page much more for like: drip feed, quizzes and more. 

Also, it’s currently on sale with AppSumo for $39USD which is just like 2 months of Thinkific. Bargain. 

My main reservation is

What if it crashed my site?

So I used a whole new domain to practice on. Which kind of removes the benefit of having it all on your site….

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