I had a great chat with the divine Jana Langford the other night and she asked me: What 3 things (or ppl) you wish you had when you started your biz?

It was a bit hard for me to answer, because I really felt like I had what I needed in the early days of my business. 

I had great friends in business, who I could chat to for hours about the challenges and who I could celebrate with. They were my cheer squad and I was theirs. We would shout out for each other and tag each other in opportunities. Those women are still absolutely vital to my sustainable business success. 

I jumped straight into a group coaching program for my business where I was able to get support and a system to follow so I could get some runs on the board. The other great thing about being part of a group coaching program which still stands true today is the aligned, new  business relationships that I can grow and nurture with other participants. There is a lot to gain from being in a community of like minded people on a similar journey. 

The other thing that happened for me in the group program was that I was being coached, so I was showing up and being vulnerable. 

It’s too easy in our content to show up as our best selves all the time and show everyone how boss we are.

But what I notice is that whenever I’m really vulnerable and let my delicious, kooky self out of the box, people feel connected to me and I feel connected to them.

We fall in love with each other and that was really good for my business because the women in that group who were some of my earliest clients, could relate to me and my struggles. I wasn’t on a pedestal of perfection or righteousness. I also notice that now I’m more courageous in my content, the same thing happens on Instagram and through my podcast and blog. Women see and hear me and the ways that we are the same, rather than me being separate from them. 

I could nearly write a blog just on the topic of how good group coaching for your business is but let this be the last word for today:

having finally found a mentor who’s teaching and methods feels completely aligned I can see how much I’ve progressed this year.

It’s so helpful to have a guide who is a few steps ahead of you, who has a philosophical approach that sits right with you, who’s methods you have tried and that have worked for you to take the business journey with you.

I don’t mean, just jump straight into a group program with someone who you like, but maybe take a few courses with them and suss out whether or not you can actually follow their advice and whether it brings results in your business.

Then, if they have some more intensive mentoring, you might like to get their help to go up to that next level.

It has made a massive difference for me year on year to have a mentor or coach who I can bounce ideas off and take spiritual support from. 

The 3rd thing I know is important in hindsight is: consistency. And I still feel so creeped out just hearing the word. It makes me want to rebel straight away.

I have had some good chats about this word in my Instagram and I have learned that not everyone is quite as triggered by the word as me. But if you do feel some push back about consistency you are not alone. 

Now that I reflect a bit deeper I realise that the push back is against a set of mandates that are unsustainable for me in my life and my business. “Post every day”. “Be on every platform”. “Make videos like this”. Urgggghhhh. I don’t have 40-60 hours a week to run my business. This needs to fit in the precious 6 hours while the kids are at school or less in the early days when I was trying to squeeze my business in between mothering and finishing a degree (while my partner built our house and finished his degree with a 1+2 year old). 

Now I see that my own version of consistency is so juicy. It is the food of my business and it’s one thing that other women in biz always comment on: how consistently I show up. I guess I’m tenacious. Or stubborn. Or determined. Or a bit of them all. Maybe I’m Capricorn sun sign ambitious. Whatever the cause, I notice a massive upswing of clients + prospects when I create sustainably + consistently in my business.

What are your 3 things that you wished you had had when you were starting your biz? I’d love to hear 🙂 

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