“I am going to outsource my social media posting” 

I get a bit nervous when I hear my beloveds say this. 

Why babe? 

Why can’t you make your own content?
“It takes too long”

“It’s overwhelming”

“I am not good at making things pretty” 


Oh no. 

I am fully in support of you getting help with your business. 

I don’t want you to do it all. You deserve help. You deserve to NOT have to struggle with doing ALL THE THINGS in your business. 

But making content – why has it become overwhelming, time consuming and tedious? 

From my perspective, content creation could be for YOU. 

It could be your spiritual practice. Your act of service to humanity. 

It could be your creativity, your purpose and your self expression. 

If your content doesn’t feel like that, I think you might be creating the wrong kinds of content. 

But what is the right kind of content? 

It’s the content that CONNECTS you to your audience and builds RELATIONSHIPS.

It is not the perfectly branded, spiffy Canva post. 

Unless you are a graphic designer. 

And in fact, I heard a graphic designer say, 

“If you can’t make a post more visually appealing than one simple, clean font on a white background, then don’t.”

In other words: keep it simple unless you are a graphic designer and you are trying to flex and show the world how awesome your designs are. If you are a service based entrepreneur, content that shares your message is more important than pretty content.

Unless you want to be in the market for stealing people’s attention. Then of course, you need to dance and point and interrupt people. 

How rude. 

I would much rather connect with people on a deep level of love, shared aspirations + shared values. To create content that informs and serves others rather than steals their attention. I am not in the attention market. I am in the loving service market 🙂

What works for me:

I love to share videos of me giving tips to my audience. They love these too. 

Carousel posts seem to go quite well too. 

To figure out what works for you, just try sharing different kinds of content over a 3 month period then look back and see what your audience responded to the best. The most genuine likes and comments. 

If you still really want to outsource here’s my tips on what to create and what to outsource.




Once a week create a substantial piece of content.

It could be:

A video 


audio recording


A blog

Now, by substantial, I don’t mean a mini novel or a one hour vid. 

You could write 500-1000 words or talk / video for about 5-10 minutes.

That is plenty.

The great thing about this method is: you can create a whole lot of other content from this one thing. 

You can create videos from a piece of writing. 

You can create a piece of writing from a video. 

You can create a video from audio. 

You can create carousel posts from a blog or video

You can create single image posts from a blog or vid

And more. 

What you might outsource

All of that OTHER content – other than the one thing – could be done by someone else. 

I like to do it myself for cost and energy reasons.

But if you need a hand, this is a great place. 

You could also get someone else to send out a newsletter for you using this one piece of content.

You might like to create templates for the support person to use. Posts don’t need to be overly graphic designed. Simple and meaningful works just as well. 

Here’s a list of how I would create 20+posts a week from a blog post if I was the support person

  1. Create images in Canva for a carousel post using the blog words
  2. Export this as JPGs and publish to Instagram
  3. Export as a PDF and publish to LInkedIn
  4. Add music and maybe sparkles and Export as a MP4 and publish/schedule to IG, FB + LI
  5. Read the blog out loud and turn into a podcast (or get the author to read it out loud)
  6. Turn the podcast into a HeadlinerApp wavegram video
  7. Create single image posts (3 per blog) in Canva of quotes from the blog, export as JPGs then publish/schedule to IG, FB + LI  – with or without captions – with or without a link to the blog
  8. Add animations to these single image posts and export then as MP4s then publish/schedule to IG, FB + LI – with or without captions – with or without a link to the blog
  9. Make sure I publish/schedule to IG, FB + LI at least once a week a paid way to work with me
  10. If the content creator is willing, make a video of them reading through the blog and post to YouTube, IGTV and Facebook – even better do it live on Facebook
  11. Once all of this content is created, send out an email highlighting 2-3 of your content highlights and include your current paid offer in the newsletter

So, if you are a willing creator you might do the 3 things: write a blog, read it out loud and deliver it live on Facebook – and then the support person could do SO MANY other things for you.