Today I wanted to talk about homepage landing page, the page that people land on when they come to your website and sales page.

These terms get so confusing.

I’m also going to go into detail about what I think a homepage would include.

I’m hoping to clarify, simplify and make this understandable.

I made a very short podcast episode about it yesterday, and I was incredibly aware that I was maybe muddying the water even more. I thought it would work better if I had physical tangible examples to show you about the differences. So that’s the purpose of today’s video.



To wrap it up, I’d say

  • A homepage is generally a visualization of your navigation. It might have little tidbits from all the pages, but it’s not very substantial on its own. It’s more just like a showcase.
    The page where people land, which WordPress calls, your homepage is controlled by the “customized” bar and can be any page you want.
  • A landing page is a page that typically doesn’t have navigation, or footer links, and the only links on that page are to buy. It may or may not be in your navigation. It might be a standalone page.
  • A sales page is simply a page where you are selling something. It could be a landing page, but it isn’t necessarily a landing page, it can still have the navigation and footer. It’s just a page where you’re selling something.

Did that help? Please let me know if you have other questions about this so I can get it clearer 🙂 

x Natasha