Are you scared of unsubscribes?
Are you scared of sending out emails to sell your stuff?

I was.

I was worried. I felt bad.
But I had a hunch that I should.

So I sent an email with the subject line: “pure promo”
It was 3 sentences long and it was a reminder that my new course that starts tomorrow was about to close doors.

And I had 1 unsubscribe.
And 4 sales.

DId you get my email?
What did you think?

If you get my newsletter regularly, you would know how much value there is compared to how much promo.

I had a feeling there might be an unsubscribe and I kind of wanted there to be becuase:
People on my list who don’t want to buy from me can leave – that’s fine!
People who don’t like my style can leave – that’s fine!
People can leave my list any time they like.
And I love them.
It’s my heart that gets to practice love.
It’s my practice.

Are you scared of sending selling emails?

Tell me everything!!!!!