Module 1 Welcome and what now?
Unit 1 Welcome and what now
Unit 2 Calls days times and Zoom link
Module 2 Setting up the WP Courseware on your site
Unit 1 Add Me as a User
Unit 2 OPTIONAL: You can pop the WP Courseware Plugin on 🙂
Unit 3 Settings
Unit 4 The WP Courseware resources from WP Courseware
Module 3 Your Course
Unit 1 Online Course Structure
Unit 2 Your Course Contents
Unit 3 Create your course and modules
Unit 4 Adding Units - the basic look and feel
Unit 5 Adding Written content
Unit 6 Adding images
Unit 7 Adding buttons
Unit 8 Sharing external links
Unit 9 Adding Videos
Unit 10 Sharing Audios
Unit 11 Sharing workbooks
Unit 12 Quickly and easily editing and viewing units
Module 4 Making this all look good on the website and making it easy for students
Unit 1 Shortcodes are your friends
Unit 2 An example of an ideal sales page with course preview
Unit 3 The My Account page
Unit 4 A customised course access page
Module 5 Managing Students
Unit 1 Managing your students/course participants
Module 6 Integrations
Unit 1 My tech stack and what I recommend as integrations
Module 7 Using WP Courseware and StudioCart to deliver a Lead Magnet
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 The Course
Unit 3 The Product
Unit 4 The Emails
Unit 5 The Webpage
Module 8 QandA Calls
Unit 1 Q&A Call recordings
Module 9 Previous Course Content from 2022
Unit 1 The previous version of this course