Module 1 Calls
Unit 1 Wednesday Group Call Links and Times
Unit 2 Q&A Calls and Links
Module 2 Discounts and Add Ons
Unit 1 Radical Business Circle exclusive bonuses
Module 3 The Facebook Group
Unit 1 A place to connect
Module 4 Radical Business Circle Exclusive lessons
Unit 1 Seasonal celebration and planning
Unit 2 A Slightly different Content Strategy for Instagram (or any platform really)
Unit 3 Stalling
Unit 4 Reducing Risk
Unit 5 Mental Frames and the Truth about you
Unit 6 How to be brave + take vulnerable actions that create intimacy with your audience
Unit 7 Past Lessons From the previous rounds of the program
Unit 8 A Pre-launch Energy Practice
Unit 9 Planning to experience EASE
Unit 10 Process Document for free webinars
Unit 11 Process document for course or program creation
Unit 12 Track your progress + Celebrate!
Unit 13 Planning tools for the moon lovers and the practice to overcome that feeling that you're not getting anywhere even though you know you have been busy all week
Unit 14 Setting Expectations so you can do whatever you want and still have people be SUPER happy with your service
Unit 15 Make a workbook in Canva
Unit 16 Get Your {thing} Out of Your Head
Unit 17 Using Chrome Bookmarks bar and folders
Unit 18 Managing moveable and non movable items in Google calendar
Unit 19 Studiocart videos  - Preview
Unit 20 What first?
Unit 21 The divine timing of your business
Unit 22 Cal Newport Fangirl: planning + digital minimalism
Module 5 Courses
Unit 1 Present Course Access
Unit 2 Past Courses Access
Module 6 Extra Resources
Unit 1 Here are some additional tools and resources I’ve discussed in calls
Unit 2 Create a campaign in MailChimp and change the address in the footer