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For Service-Based Enterpreneurs

I know you would love to grow your business, have more impact, work with more people and have more sales.

Whether that means getting fully booked or scaling your business with courses or programs, you are ready to expand.

Setting up your YouTube is a smart choice for meeting and serving more of your ideal clients.

So many of my clients feel like they already know me before we even have a free chat, because I have a tonne of video content which is really just like having clones of myself – people can get to know me while I sit on the beach, cook dinner for my kids or sleep. 

I have had a couple of successful videos on YouTube, partly because when I was setting up my YouTube I followed a few key steps. These steps have helped me to grow a YouTube channel that primes my clients to work with me and allows me to serve a larger audience. 

I’ve also supported my clients with YouTube accounts that represent their brand beautifully, aligned with their values. 

The thing is: when you are trying to set up your YouTube channel, there is no clear set of instructions to help you figure out what matters and how to do it.
Plus, I know the tech is challenging for you. It’s not the zone of genius right?

You’re smart and you are happy to set these things up for yourself. With a straightforward set of instructions and a patient guide, you could easily do it.

YouTube Channel Setup for Service-Based Entrepreneurs


I’m going to teach you:

  • How to set up your YouTube channel so it looks professional
  • How to create channel art,
  • How to create click worthy video thumbnails
  • Which tags and how to use them
  • How to upload to YouTube
  • All the different publishing options and what to use them for
  • What should go in your description
  • How to customise your channel page for new visitors and return visitors
  • How to set up a welcome video
  • How to create playlists
  • How to decide what people see on your channel home screen other than the welcome
  • My own YouTube processes
  • How to find winning video ideas
  • and more. 
Module 1 Welcome and How this works
Unit 1 Welcome and how this works


There will be a live round of this course delivered in August 2023

Calls at 1pm AEST

Friday 25 August

Tuesday 29August

Friday 1September

Tuesday 5 September


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I love to support brilliant women to share more of their genius with the world. 

I have been in women’s circles for over 25 years and this is just like that. Only, instead of sitting in circle with my sisters, naked, with a twig in my  butt, I’m on my laptop in an online meeting call with you. 

The spirit in me is the same: I want to change the world and I know that the world needs to hear about you and your gifts so we can evolve together.

As well as running my own sustainable business, where I give money to the household every week for 6 years, I have supported hundreds of women in business to grow their business. I also happen to have a marketing degree. 


This will be delivered by:

course materials accessible immediately

templates and worksheets

Lifetime access to the course materials

2 Q&A calls where you can get my personal support and eyeballs on YOUR channel set up