Learn the practice that transformed how I FEEL in my business.

The weekly review is how I:

  • ditched my churning, swirling, nauseating, unrelenting vortex of overwhelm and 
  • learned to celebrate the massive amount I get done every week and
  • take consistent actions towards my big goals and 
  • notice all the ways I took actions on my big goals in the past week

Which really has transformed how I FEEL in my business.

I want this for you.

How I used to feel before I had a weekly review practice

I never used to understand how to “celebrate” your wins.
I honestly thought I was broken and I thought celebration had something to do with alcohol (which I don’t drink) or having to spend money on fancy jewellry or bunches of flowers.
I always felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere in my business. Like I wasn’t taking the “right” actions and that I was a flake.
Even though: I was so “busy” all the time.
And people around me love and respect my work ethic and ability to get shit done.
However I just wasn’t connected to the idea that I was successful or able to notice my progress very well at all.

How I feel now that I do it every week

Now I feel complete and full every week – except the week’s I haven’t done it. Then I feel kind of titchy and unresolved. 

Like this week – it’s Sunday night and I haven’t done it yet.
Sometimes I do it Monday morning in bed because I really don’t feel clear anymore without it. 

I also do it in the holidays and family time so that I am showing up in a way I feel clean and free from regret. 

Actually paying attention to all that I do is celebrating. 

It’s not champagne. 

It’s not new jewellry or a day spa.

It IS a present.

A present moment.

It’s awareness.

This is literally the thing I do every week. It has helped me so much and in fact I’m off to do it right now after I edit this page 🙂

I hope it brings you joy and peace to grow your business.

Big smooches

xx Natasha


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