Get a course platform

On your wordpress website

WP Courseware Setup Mentoring with Natasha Berta

Are you ready to share your course with more people? 

Would you like to have a course platform inside your WordPress website? 

If you have a robust and functioning WordPress website


you have your course content ready to go,

WP Courseware could be the solution to your course platform dilemma.


You don’t need ANOTHER monthly fee for a course platform

and you also don’t need to be dumped alone trying to figure out how it all works,

spending hours, getting overwhelmed – you know the story.

I know that not everyone finds tech easy.

Navigating the bits + pieces of course platform setup is easier for those who find the tech setup challenging when they have clarity about how to use the tools & some loving help when things go wrong.

I’m going to be supporting a group of people to set up WP Courseware on their WordPress website and then teaching them how to get all of their course content into WP Courseware.

That way you can have a course platform right there in your website, people can pay and then get access to their course platform – potentially while you sleep – that’s the online business fantasy isn’t it? 

I can’t promise sales in  your sleep but I can help  you get WP Courseware onto your website + show you how to get your course content in there + receive payments + deliver the course content to customers – all in an automated way so you could feasibly be doing something else while someone buys your course..

WP Courseware is equivalent to LearnDash and other WordPress course platforms.

It replaces Thinkific, Memberpress, Kajabi, Kartra etc.

What’s included in the WP Courseware setup mentoring: 

Live Zoom calls for 3 weeks, 2 calls per week. In these calls I’ll demonstrate the setup AND help you while you set yours up. 

The recordings of these calls

A 10+ page resource document so you can set up more courses in the future 

2 x 30 minute Q&A calls with me over the next 12 months.

$166 includes:

4.5 hours on Zoom, live with me where we can learn + do together

Recordings of the live Zoom calls so you can work along later, again and again

A 10+ page Resource Document for you to refer back to when you’re ready to create more courses in the future

2 x 30-minute Q+A calls with me in the next 12 months

Access to the WP Courseware Plugin for your website including my license key to make it work 🙂

Pay now and start right away

I get seriously angsty when I hear about people being charged thousands of dollars for this kind of setup, and frustrated when they tell me they’re paying $50+ a month for a course platform that’s not making them any money.


I love to give people their power back by lovingly teaching and supporting them to master the tech.

It’s my thing.

I am really good at making these things easy. 

I have helped hundreds of people overcome their tech hurdles and grow their business. 


What is WP Courseware?

WP Courseware is a WordPress website Plug-in. 

Plug-ins add functions to your WordPress site. You probably have some on your site already. This particular one will pop a course platform onto your website so you can sell and deliver courses right there on your site.

How much does WP Courseware cost?

WP Courseware is included in the course fee. I purchased a lifetime license of WP Courseware which means I can pop it on as many websites as I like! If you buy it yourself it’s $149USD per year or $129USD per year when it’s on sale. Here’s their sales page 

You do not need to buy it. I will share my license details with you. The cost of the plugin is part of the $166 for the course with me 🙂

But won’t it be complicated?

It is a little jiggly but I am really good at teaching this stuff. It might be worth checking out my videos on YouTube to make sure you like my teaching style.

Do I really need a course platform to sell a course?

No you don’t. I don’t currently use a course platform. But some people just want one to automate some of the selling and delivery steps. In my course selling process I need to “frankenstein” a few bits of tech together to achieve the same process and some people just aren’t into that. 

Will I need to pay for WP Courseware in the future?

No. You will receive lifetime access through my license and if something goes weird you can always email me and I’ll re-enter the license details for you.

How will I know if I am ready for this course? What do I need to have ready?

Just 2 things: WordPress website + Course content

You should have a WordPress website. If you have WooCommerce that’s great but if not we will just pop it on too. 

You should have your course content ready; that is videos, workbooks etc. If you don’t have course content ready, it will be like a torturous, un-fun Netflix experience. The benefit of the course is having my help while you set it all up.


Got other questions?

Here’s the recording of the free info session

Otherwise , go ahead and email me or DM me on Instagram