free + easy

podcast setup

Get your podcast set up in 4 weeks

free + easy

podcast setup

Get your podcast set up in 4 weeks

Is it time to:


As low cost as possible,

Finally get your podcast up?

There is so much complex information out there about setting up a podcast. Did you make a start and get overwhelmed?

There is also a free and easy way to set up a podcast and if you set dates with me you could have your podcast up in time for Christmas.

I will show you how to set up your podcast on a free platform using the tech you already have and you will be on Spotify and iTunes in 4 weeks.

I will teach you:

How to create your podcast episodes using the equipment you already have in your business

How to publish your podcast on a free platform called Anchor that will publish you to iTunes, Spotify and more

How to create your channel art so your podcast stands out in your industry

A content creation flow with process documents and more

Mega list of all the cool stuff I am going to share with you

Decide how you want to show up

Branding, image, name, 

Branding 101

2 fonts

Black white and one colour


Always using different fonts and colours creates dissonance and doesn’t make you immediately recognisable

Does it need your face?

Industry research

Look at podcasts in your industry

Search for podcasts named {your podcast name idea}

Search for the url of {your podcast name idea}

Choose colours that stand out

You might create a separate brand colour/font for your podcast

Tools + recording details


Where to record


Intro song

A look at Anchor on the phone and desktop

Start creating

Create your podcast art

Create your channel on Anchor

Record an episode

Edit if that’s your thing

Get it live

Upload to Anchor


Shout it to the world

Get it on your website?

Tell your list

Tell your audience on SM

Make it repeatable

Process doc for content creation


Your calendar

Find podcast ideas

Interviewing others

The interview process doc + Drive Folder structure

The intake form

Use it in lots of ways

Turn it into a blog

Turn it into a video

Turn it into social media posts

Scheduling posts

I am NOT going to be teaching you:

Any tricky launch processes to get in the top 10 on iTunes

Anything that you will need to buy special equipment for

Anything that will take you longer than 4 weeks

Other people are already teaching courses like that: this is the Free and Easy Podcast course 🙂


In this 4 week course I’m going to share my exact podcast methods with you.

What You Receive:

6 hours of video training — You’ll be able to easily pause, rewind, re-watch the videos as many times as you’d like.​ 

10+-Page Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation — a full outline of the course.

Podcast Planning — Process documents to make creating + publishing all your episodes easier.

Canva Templates — I’ll share my Podcast art templates with you to get you started.

You also receive 2 Bonus Group Q&A Calls with Natasha (me!) — where you can ask any questions. You can choose a session that works for your life.

​Everything above for only $88 AUD

I love helping women grow their businesses. 

I have been working in women’s circles for 25 years, supporting and being supported to shine and evolve as the future leaders that we are. 

I am obsessed with the matriarchal led future I see in my mind’s eye and from my perspective: getting your business in front of more ideal clients is a part of that. 

So instead of sitting naked in circle with a twig up  my butt, I’m on my laptop with my crystals and houseplants, teaching you how to get your podcast live. 

Makes sense, right? 

I have been in business for 6 years since I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Interactive Marketing (so 90’s). I have supported hundreds of women in business to grow and shine. I have also impacted over 150,000 creators online with my easy to follow, how-to videos on YouTube. 

I know how to make this stuff easy. 


What if I can't attend those call times?

If it’s ok with you, it’s ok with me. All the calls will be recorded and You can definitely set up your podcast by working through the recordings. The benefit of the call times is: you will get it done this year if you stick in with the timelines. But you can do that without calls – just doing the work each week. 

Don't I need fancy gear?

Of course you can dear one. But I won’t be teaching that.

I want to see your podcast live and you can do that without spending a penny.

But won’t it be complicated?

Some people teach a spiffy sytem that I think is complicated but I’m all about easy and simple systems so you can actually get your stuff out there. 

Got other questions?