Instagram with Integrity: Learn how to use Instagram for your business

You have a feeling that Instagram is where your people are. And you are ready to show up and shine on Instagram.

There are a lot of options for who can teach you Instagram….there are the finger pointing, young, skinny, dancing video women…and then there is me.

I’m like you, I don’t want to spend my life on social media and I have some reservations about social media and its impact on society.

I need my business to be just as values aligned as the rest of my life, in fact that’s why I chose to be in biz in the first place. 

And now, after nearly 6 years in business, I understand how fully you can step into your integrity and let that light shine everywhere you show up. 

I also understand how to cultivate and run a sustainable business that doesn’t burn you out. 

I have supported hundreds of women to grow their business in a way that means they can stay in their integrity + figure out the best way to use these online tools in light of that.

I have helped women grow their audience in a sustainable way that doesn’t require showing up in ways that are draining and create overwhelm.

There are no mandates if you work with me, rather we explore what might work for you and refine over time. 

The thing with Instagram is: yes, you can get lots of reach on a post, but are they the right people?

Yes, you can buy into trends and get “results” but results according to who? To the Instagram robot?? How can you use Instagram to actually find your people?

You get to wondering: does it matter how many followers I have? But what about how many likes and views I get?

Or maybe you don’t want to do video….how can you get around the fact that Instagram now considers itself a video sharing platform??

And the amount of time we seem to need to spend on there to get results?? With so many other commitments, that time feels like a drain.

And so does just thinking about marketing + being on social media in general.


Once  you understand how all the best bits of Instagram tech work, you can stop wasting time on social media. 

And once you have clarity on how to use the tools and what to post, and when to post, it’s going to free up head space so you can stop wondering and just have a plan for moving forward.

In this course I am going to share everything I know about Instagram via recorded teaching calls, a resource document and additional written and video resources. You also get access to 2 x 30-minute live Q&A calls.

I am going to teach you how to use Reels (if you want to) in a way that doesn’t feel like your values are compromised. 

I’m going to show you the most important things to do. They’re important because they make the most impact. Like Stories, Highlights and Lives. 

And I’m going to cover all the basics for beginners too like bio, how to post and more. 

Whether you are a beginner or an established user, you will be able to get your needs met in the teaching and Q&A call structure.

There will be a 10+ page Resource Document for you to refer back to for as long as you like which includes all the links to recordings and more. 

Calls dates and times

Once you join and pay, you will be given access to book your first of 2 live Q&A calls with Natasha to integrate your self-paced learning or get customised answers to your questions for YOUR business. 

I care.

I care about women sharing their frame and their gifts so that the world can turn a corner and progress in a new way. 

I care about supporting women to share their brilliance and have a business that nourishes them.

I care about our unique way of doing things. This is our gift in our lifetime. 

And I care about high vibe women finding a way to stay on social media, because if we leave, what kind of sad ghost town remains? Our vibes can infiltrate the madness.

They DO.

I am a marketing consultant and yes I have a marketing degree, but more than that I have nearly 6 years under my belt as a business woman myself so I totally understand the challenges.

Especially the challenges of a side hustle as a mother and the demands/opportunities that this brings.

In this self paced course I’m going to share my industry insights + exact Instagram methods with you.

What You Receive:

6+ hours of video training — You’ll be able to easily pause, rewind, re-watch the videos as many times as you’d like.​ 

10+Page Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation — a full outline of the course.

Content Planning — Process documents to make creating + publishing all your content easier.

Canva Templates — I’ll share my post templates with you to get you started.

You also receive 2 Bonus Group Q&A Calls with Natasha (me!) — where you can ask any questions. You can choose a session that works for your life.

​Everything above for only $66 AUD