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Word of mouth & Referrals

Do you get most of your new customers from Word of Mouth (WOM) and referrals? 

Did you know you could be doing more to grow it?

Would you like to reduce the amount of time and energy you give your social media presence? 

Maybe you are brand new to business but you just know that referrals are going to be key for you as you grow your biz.

Word of mouth and referrals are a great way to get more clients and grow your business. 


I have been growing my business with conscious referral partners and referrals for 5 years.

I use social media AND I have a bunch of people who love my work and refer me to their friends.

I have my own ways of thanking them or remunerating them as well as a regular, systematised way to connect with them and build new relationships.

Social media marketing takes a lot of your time and energy. You aren’t even sure if you are getting clients from it!

You have had some referrals naturally, but you would love to do something to grow your WOM

The thing is: hardly anyone is teaching this stuff!  You can see the sense of it but you think there might be more to it that you could be doing. 

You are already getting new clients from referrals but you are also spending way too much time on social media which doesn’t even seem to bring you new clients anyway! 

You know if you had some clarity on WOM and how to grow it, you could be reaching more new people.

The thing is: you don’t know what the repeatable system is for referral partners and WOM.

You don’t know what the regular activities would be or when to do them. 

You just need a simple explanation and a system and you could nail it.

It doesn’t take long each week, fortnight or month. You choose how much time you want to dedicate to this flow of new clients.

Grow your wom

(word of mouth + referrals)


You get: 

  • Course content accessible immediately

  • 2 Guided visualisations

  • Lifetime access to all resources in the course platform

  • Optional add on Australian Bush Flower Essence + $35

  • Super flexible payment options

  • 2 additional Q&A calls at a later date up to 12 months after the course

Module 1 Welcome and how this works
Unit 1 Welcome and what you need right now
Unit 2 Feedback
Module 2 Course Call Recordings
Unit 1 Watch the course videos
Module 3 Word of Mouth, Referrals and Affiliates overview
Unit 1 What, why WOM Referrals and Affiliates
Module 4 Clarify your ideal clients and become more magnetic to them
Unit 1 Fun Book for the guided visualisations
Unit 2 Guided Visualisation
Module 5 Identify your Referral networks
Unit 1 Identify your referral partners, WOM champions and affiliates
Module 6 Affiliates
Unit 1 Soul Full Affiliates
Module 7 Remunerating + Rewarding your referers
Unit 1 Rewarding your WOM champions and referral partners
Module 8 Create a repeatable, sustainable WOM referrals system
Unit 1 Making a repeatable system for yourself
Module 9 The Original Resource document
Unit 1 The Original Body of text from the Resource document


add on an australian bush flower essence


You get: 

  • On top of everything above you also get a 15 minute face to face session with me to choose an Australian Bush Flower Essence to support you while you do this!
  • Before the session I will intuit a shortlist of essences for you based on your numerology and your intake form.
  • Includes the essence and postage within Australia OR distance healing if you are outside Australia


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Working with this course at your own pace, you can learn my repeatable system for building your WOM and referrals. You can customise my approach to develop a system that you would love to do. 

I’ll be teaching you; how to identify your referral partners, how to reward or remunerate them, how to create new referral relationships, what to say when reaching out to new people, what are affiliates and how that might work for you, and how to create a repeatable, sustainable method to grow and nurture your WOM.

You will get access to my course platform where you can refer back to the recordings, written resources, process documents and templates again and again. 

I love helping women to grow their online businesses. I know that the divine feminine is the missing ingredient in the business world and I can’t wait to see what the world looks like when more of us have infiltrated the business system! 

Love, light and power from a deep, soulful source. 

I have been helping women through yoga, women’s circles and healing work for my entire adult life. As well as having a Marketing degree, I have had a business for 7 years and helped hundreds of women to grow their business. All of that on top of 30 years of experience in women’s circles + personal growth work. It’s my juicy combo