paid workshop


You are ready to create a paid workshop! Just like a webinar, only you get paid.

Your workshop is an end in itself and it’s also a low cost way for people to work with you and get to know you.

They might even want to keep working with you.

Paid workshops are also a great alternative list building method where you share your incredible-ness AND generate revenue!

I have supported many heart-full women to create and deliver paid workshops, breaking through the tech hurdles and making money while they help their ideal clients. 

It can be easy, especially with my help. I have a knack for making it easy.

You have been trying to do it all by yourself.

But the tech is your weak point.

You have been known to (cry) (scream) (rage) (zone out) (procrastinate) (insert favourite avoidance here) when you have to deal with tech.

You know you are smart but you seem to spend way too much time trying to set things like this up and connect all the moving parts.

What you want is someone to just tell you the simple steps and you know you can do it.

You need a repeatable, systematic way to do this.

The tech is really frustrating to learn. I love tech, but when I have to learn something new, I go through all the same feelings as you.
Especially when I just have to set something up once and it’s not repeatable. 

Once I have a repeatable process, I can do things easily. 

I keep all the info in one nifty document so I don’t have to re-invent the whole process and end up back in the loony bin trying to learn it all again.

Paid workshops training


You get: 

  • 3 x 30-minute teaching videos
  • 2 x 30-minute Q&A calls 
  • all recordings and other resources accessible in the course platform for ever more
  • Access to the Client/Student ONLY Facebook Group
  • a reliable and repeatable way to create paid workshops for your business
  • My loving support and a group of sisters to work along with on the journey


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I will give you a process!

I have done this a tonne of times and helped many others to do the same so let me make it easy for you. 

Together we will create a way for you to take money and give participants access to your paid workshop on the day and all you need is:


  1. Your sales page copy (words) – on a website or not
  2. A way to take money (PayPal or Stripe)
  3. Your workshop materials (a slideshow/course platform/worksheets etc), 
  4. A video call tool (Zoom, LiveWebinar etc) and 
  5. An email service provider (MailerLite, MailChimp etc). 

My Human Design generator energy is available for you to tap into, and so is my loving care for you and your business. 

I can make things simple. 

This can be done with EASE 

I love to support heart-full, soul led women to grow their businesses! I know that the absence of women from the field of business is one of the main failings of capitalism and our current culture. I want to get more of us goddesses into the system to disrupt/transform it. 

This is the work of my life, whether it has been wholefoods cooking, yoga, mindfulness or marketing. I live to see women shine.

I’ve served hundreds of women to get their tech shit sorted for 7 years. I have been helping women shine for my entire adult life as a yogi, feminist, wholefoods cook as well as sitting in circle. May we sit in the circle again soon.