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How I grow my audience for $1.40AUD a day using simple Facebook ads

Is this you:

You would like to reach more people outside your usual online spaces
You would like to reach new people
You would like people to actually SEE your content + offers
You would like to grow your audience
We can have all of these things happen using low cost Facebook ads.

I am currently running ads for 10+ clients actively and dozens of clients intermittently as well as growing my own audience + biz using ads. 

I am growing my Instagram, selling my courses + group programs + my followers actually see my posts. 

My clients experience the same results. 

Our ads are $1.40AUD a day. Some clients have a bigger budget but it IS achievable for $1.40 a day

The process of running ads can be quick and easy. I can set up an ad in 2 minutes.

When you’ve tried to run ads in the past you just not getting the results you want
You feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall
You don’t know what all the things mean in the ads manager
You’re getting ads rejected
You’re boosting because the ads manager process is too confusing
It takes you forever and then you aren’t even sure if you’re doing it right.

There are several steps you can take to make running ads easy.

Once your Business Manager or Ads Manager is set up you can create some specific audiences. 

The next step is to create your audiences. 

It’s made even easier if you are creating content regularly.

Then you can create low cost ads in a matter of minutes.

It’s also important to understand what expectations you are setting so that you can accurately measure whether or not your ads are truly working.

In this course I’m going to share my exact ads method with you.

You will receive a resource document with over a dozen short and easy to follow videos. This will be accompanied by 2 live calls a week: a 30-minute teaching call and a one hour Q&A call where I can help you with your ads set up and creation. 

You also get access to 2 additional Q&A calls at a time in the future that suits you. I run those calls all year on varied days and at different times of day to accommodate time zones and life.

This course will work whether you have run ads before or if you are a complete beginner.

The steps for a beginner are: 

Set up business manager

Allocate all your assets in there

Create your audiences

Test to find your best audience of brand new followers

Run ads to your existing audience if you have one

Once you’ve established your best new followers audience, you will have the one ad that I use to grow my audience for $1.40 a day ongoing. 

Then you also have the option to run ads to your existing audience to share your content + offers with them

If you are all set up already and just want to improve your results, this new method can help you too.

I love helping women grow their businesses. 

I have been working in women’s circles for 25 years, supporting and being supported to shine and evolve as the future leaders that we are. 

I am obsessed with the matriarchal led future I see in my mind’s eye and from my perspective: getting your business in front of more ideal clients is a part of that. 

So instead of sitting naked in circle with a twig up  my butt, I’m on my laptop with my crystals and houseplants, teaching you ads. 

Makes sense, right? 

I have been in business for 6 years since I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Interactive Marketing (so 90’s). I have supported hundreds of women in business to grow and shine. I have also impacted over 150,000 creators online with my easy to follow, how-to videos on YouTube. 

I know how to make this stuff easy. 


Will we cover retargeting ads?

Sure I can cover that, but they aren’t as important as the 3 foundation ads I want to teach you to consistently grow your audience, make sure your content gets seen by your existing audience + sell to your ideal clients. 

Can’t I just use boost?

Of course you can dear one. But I won’t be teaching that.

But won’t it be complicated?

I am really clear in my energy to keep the as simple AF however some people have ads gremlins. I can support you to send the right support queries to fix these if they come up for me.

That’s why this course is pre-recorded teaching vids + a short teaching live call, and a longer Q&A call: so that I can help you 1:1 more when those tricksies come into play. 

I have pre-tested this course with multiple students to make sure it is digestible + you’ll have my support.

Got other questions?