You have something to share with the world, some insight, some skill or gift, and you know it’s the perfect time to get that “something” out into the world.

​You know that using email marketing is right for your business. It’s part of your vision.

​And you are going to do it your way – you aren’t going to be an inbox spammer.

​​You are going to lovingly connect with your audience. Essentially some of the big marketing promises of email marketing hit home for you. It could be: getting off social media. It could be “what if Facebook and Instagram crash”. It could just be the intimacy of the inbox and your desire to lovingly serve others on your terms.

​You want to learn how to use Mailerlite from someone with integrity, and whose values are aligned. Someone who can make it easy and maybe even fun? Ok – that’s probably going too far.

​But you know that if you could just get your Mailerlite setup – then you could run that masterclass, or share that eBook, or run that challenge and start growing your email list.

“Learn MailerLite” has helped women move the needle on their projects.

Now, they don’t have to hold back on promoting their webinar or sending out newsletters.

Once they understand how to use the tool, there is no stopping them if they want to create landing pages, have templates for campaigns and craft beautiful email automations, to make the most out of their free plan with Mailerlite. 

Claire says: 

I’ve found Natasha’s Mailerlite training super practical and I’ve learnt so much. Natasha explains things in a way that is easy to understand and the design of the training with a follow up session for questions is fabulous. Natasha is wonderfully non-judgemental too if you haven’t had a chance to implement. The access to the recordings and the training document will also be really helpful for the future.

The problem is:

Women are not sending email newsletters because they don’t know how to make them look good. 

Women are not setting up automated welcome emails because they don’t understand all the jargon. 

Women aren’t setting up and promoting webinars and masterclasses because they don’t know how it all links up. 

They have heard about tagging and segmenting, they have seen other people’s email marketing, but they don’t have the tech skills to make that happen for THEIR business. 

So they aren’t getting visible. They aren’t connecting with their audience and they aren’t growing their business. 

They are doing little bits, getting frustrated and putting it on the backburner. 

There is no instruction manual for Mailerlite. 

The robot wizard in Mailerlite isn’t enough to help people get set up and send out emails.

And…tech is not natural for everyone to use! 

Plus, they seem to have different names for things than some other email services. What do all the things mean? 

It would be ideal to have a comprehensive set of instructions, explained in a way you can understand. 

AND maybe it is also helpful to have a human you can talk to about it all, to remove jargon, to talk to you about your specific business and Mailerlite set up. 

Dania said:

Natasha makes something that feels overwhelmingly confusing feel simple and easy

I joined the Mailerlite training as I always wanted to find out the mystery of automations. All I had before was 1 list and sent out occasional emails. Now I’m informed about how to run email sequences and Natasha allowed us a Q and A time to get in and ask and or practice what we’d been learning about. I’m glad I signed up and completed this training, thanks to Natasha, I feel confident to get automating 😉

Kristi Sproates

Appy Connections


How to bring in individual contacts

How to import a list of subscribers

How to invite new subscribers to join using signup forms

How to put a signup form on your website

What all the bits of Mailerlite are

Which tools are important and which you can ignore

How to create a gorgeous email campaign 

How to send test emails

How to keep your emails out of people’s junk mail

Some great Canva hacks for gorgeous emails

How to create landing pages

How to make the most of your free account

How to create automations

How to create a gorgeous template for your newsletter

How to use custom fields

How to set up for a webinar

How to set up to deliver an eBook 

How to set up for a 5 day challenge

How to organise your campaigns, automations and landing pages

I love that Natasha’s training method is so relaxed, and realistic. Teaching us what we need to get on with it, without filling brains up with extra schtuff we don’t need. And – she’s also willing to go the extra mile to find out anything that’s needed.

Nicole Moore

Birth Into Being

What's included?

The “Learn Mailerlite” is a self-paced course you can take at any time. You can start right away.

A 10+ page resource document with 6+ hours of training videos will be available to you all at once if you are ready to binge out and get set up 


If you are new to Mailerlite, you can choose to follow the natural flow of information provided in the resource document.

You get access to 2 live Q&A sessions where you get personal assistance from me to get your Mailerlite setup. You can also ask a real alive human any questions you have. 

Do I need the paid plan?

That depends what you want to do. All the things on the above list can be done on the free plan.

If you want to sell or create a website using MailerLite you need the paid plan. 

Why learn from me?

I have spent many late nights while my babies slept, trying to figure out my email marketing. I know exactly what it’s like to hear about all the things you “should” be doing in your business and to want to make all of those things happen. 

I have worked too hard, too late at night, too much and become burned out several times in the 5.5 years I’ve been in business. 

From that experience, I’ve discovered a passion for making business a sustainable practicable business. 

A way to work on my business and in my business without sacrificing connection with the dear ones I love most. 

I strive to contain + channel my excitement and enthusiasm for all the things I think I need to do.

I lovingly take the next best step knowing that I will get there in the end. 

I actually love tech. 

I love the opportunity it provides us to reach people all over Australia, all over the world.

It allows us to create the life we want, if we are careful and conscious about how we protect our time.
All we have to do is show up and do our best.

I don’t get as overwhelmed by tech as a lot of people, and it seems I have a knack for simplifying things. For taking away the jargon, and knowing which are the most important steps, and which order to execute them. 

I love to empower women to use the tech for their own businesses. 

To NOT be beholden to a tech guru overlord that stops you from taking those next key steps when you are ready. Who charges you through the roof and belittles you, using jargon and condescension. 

I love freedom and the freedom that tech can give us, if only we knew how. 

I also just love hanging out with biz babes, serving the world with all their sparkles. It’s like a women’s circle but we get to geek out on our businesses! Yes yes yes. 

What I love about email marketing is: you get to be a bit more in charge of your audience. 

Social media is great and everything, but it IS owned by someone else. What if they make changes that affect your business model and you suddenly have to close everything? What if you post a certain type of content, and Facebook decides they are going to close your account – no questions asked? 

I know a couple of people this has happened to. 

Having an email list saved their ass. 

You don’t have to send out spammy, 2 emails a day sequences. 

You get to use email marketing in a way that feels great for you. That is sustainable. And that gives value to your peeps. 

There is also no doubt that sending emails sells. 

If you have workshops, products or services that you sell (that is what a business is right?) over time you will notice that people on your email list may buy from you! Yay. And if you don’t have anything to sell this week, that’s ok. You can give them some tips or advice this week or fortnight, and mention your next promotion whenever that is ready. They actually love it if you don’t sell to them all the time. That you give without expectation. Yummo! 

I have done my hours with email marketing. It all started with MailChimp.

I have had my “throw the laptop at the wall” moments with MailChimp.  

Initially, I was just trying to figure it out for my own business.
You know, late at night, when the kids are in bed and I should have really been sleeping. 

The emails that I lovingly labourd over only to have them deleted because I didn’t click THAT button. 

The ugly AF emails because I didn’t understand how to format. 

The almost -in-tears-frustration that comes with trying to use MailChimp.

But I somehow got there. I seem to have a high tolerance for tech-related frustration that enables me to go beyond. Maybe it’s just my stubborn Capricorn sun sign.

And then they changed what’s available for free and I started looking for a better alternative for my lean startup babes. 

When I did my initial market research, free webinars and low cost intro sessions, it seemed to be a common thread, a lot of people needed to understand Mailerlite better. 

So I squirreled away, making email marketing how-to videos on YouTube, running webinars about how to set up webinars, writing blogs about email marketing and skirting around the email marketing course topic for YEARS.

Until I realised: I can help people with this! 

I know this tool inside out, because I help my clients and team with it every week in my business. 

I have the knack for making complex and overwhelming tech simple. 

I can say this with confidence, because this is what my clients & online course students tell me. 

I’ve mentored clients, run webinars and casually supported hundreds of business people with online marketing tools for 5.5 years in my own kooky, and caring way. 

And now I want to help your business expand into the vision you hold in your mind’s eye. And MailerLite is part of that. So let’s gooooooo.

I have been immersed in business life since I was 14. My mum had a family business; a cafe. So we all worked together there. I guess you learn some lessons by watching the ones you love struggle so my mum’s version of being in business didn’t look very appealing to me. Although full kudos to her for having a crack.
Before I did a marketing degree, I had several micro attempts at entrepreneurial life, making shopping bags out of old tablecloths and tea towels, the odd catering job here and there plus a bit of a cake stall at the markets occasionally. I didn’t realise what lay ahead for me. 

I really thought I would never be in business.

I got a schmancy, expensive Commerce degree because I wanted to be a well paid employee. 

Or so I thought. 

Doing a degree was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about myself and how much I love to learn. It gave me a lot of skills for a corporate position in marketing. Which was a total journey in itself. I really thought that marketing was evil. That marketers use devious, psychological tactics to influence buyers, so I didn’t want any part of that. 

I accidentally started a business at the end of my degree. And while I’ve had some hard days, and wanted to throw the towel in quite a few times, I currently don’t think I could ever be an employee again. 

I’ve done the burnout game, the late nights, the overworking for my tyrannical boss (myself). 

I’ve played the short sighted game, with no strategy, blowing in the wind and grabbing all the shiny objects, diluting my focus and thinking I can just go with the flow and succeed. 

And now, with over 160,000 views on YouTube, dozens of successful webinars and online courses & after helping hundreds of women to grow their businesses, I don’t see a path for me in employment (although I am still officially a side hustle till my kids fly the coop). Because I thrive on making things simple and watching you shine. I love seeing us all living our best lives with sustainable, love-infused businesses. We will change the face of business. Together. 

Got other questions?

Email me your questions and let’s see if I can help you to grow your business. No pressure to decide.