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nail your marketing (with a little help)

Does the tech do your head in?

I know you could do it yourself but you find it is taking you a long time and you just don’t have the energy for it. 

Wouldn’t you rather be operating in your zone of genius with your clients or just enjoying your spare time with family and relaxing?

If you’re feeling technically challenged you’re in the right place.

Done for You Services can help you with:


It’s the equivalent of a business card online. Build credibility with a gorgeous website. 

Social Media

Get in front of people where they are. Advertising on social media can propel your sales.

Database Marketing

Keep talking to your existing clients and prospects. They want what you have got.

Branding & Graphic Design

Your brand connects you to your customers. Get fonts, a logo and colours that attract your people.

Facebook™Ads and Google Ads

Getting people to see your business in the busy online space sometimes needs advertising. We can help you with your ads.

Video Marketing

YouTube, Facebook video and other video marketing can help people decide whether or not to buy while you spend time doing other things..


Make sure you know what to do and when so your business is heading in the right direction.

Integrating your online and offline

Make the most of your radio and newspaper ad spend by tying all of your efforts together.

Ongoing maintenance

Hand a bunch of website, social media and marketing tasks over to us so you can get on with running your business. 


Websites and eCommerce
It is not possible to give a blanket price for website creation however it is possible to get a very simple one page site up for as little as $600 and a simple multi page site from $1600 depending on your needs.

eCommerce sites generally start at $3200 but again, depending on your exact requirements the price may be lower or higher. The best next step for you is to check out the previous website projects and see if you like our style. If you like what you see you can book a free chat and get started.

Social Media

We offer several different social media packages depending on how much you have set up and how much you want to do yourself. We can create Facebook™ banners, posts, videos and help you run entire campaigns.

Same goes for Instagram. We know what your should say in your bio, how often you should post and how all the videos and stories work. Book a free chat if you need more information about the social media services.

Facebook™ Ads

When you’re running Facebook™ ads, it can feel like you’re not getting the results you want.

There are some common mistakes we can help you to stop making.

You can be mentored in Facebook™ Ads, or take an easy to follow online course or we can run your ads for you.

Book a free chat if you are interested in the Facebook™ ads services.

Video Marketing

Using video in your marketing is one action that will definitely set you apart from the crowd. It allows customers to see you or your products and make their decision while you work or play. 

I can help you with video creation, YouTube channel success and video editing. Book a free chat to find out more. 

Acuity Customisation

Using a scheduling tool like Acuity can save you loads of time. Acuity enables your customers to book and pay for their sessions without endless back and forth emails or Facebook messages. It’s also super affordable and a great way to start making money without an expensive eCommerce website. But getting it to look great can be a bit of a headache. Which is why I offer the Acuity Customisation package. For $111 I will set up your Acuity so it’s looking great. Book your free chat here.

Marketing Strategy

Talking to a marketing consultant and getting a Marketing Strategy for your business can be simple and reduce overwhelm about your business growth.

I have been teaching and consulting about business marketing for 5.5 years and have 164,800 YouTube views because I KNOW how to make it easy to understand and easy to implement.

Marketing Strategy 1-hour sessions start at $150. You will walk away knowing what to post, when to post and why. We will clarify which platforms you should be on and how to grow your audience there. Book a free chat now to see if this is the right step for you and your business.

Graphics Design and Branding

If you are creating a Facebook™ page, building a website, sending out marketing emails or running an advertising campaign, you may need digital images and graphics created for you. 

Generally a business needs a logo, a heading font, a body font and 1-5 colours to keep your visual presence consistent and recognisable. 

You may also like templates for your social media posts so you can just pop in new information on the same background for easy social media posts.

Book a free chat to discuss your graphics design and branding needs.

Email Marketing

Email or database marketing is a smart move for making more sales. New customers are more expensive to acquire whereas past customers on your database are already familiar with your business and brand. 

You might want to set up an account with an email service provider, change from one service to another, create email nurture sequences, send regular emails or set up your lead magnet/list builder. 

Talk to me about the options for your business.


For certain businesses, blogging is an essential part of their marketing presence. If you need help to understand blogging or you need a hand to post your blogs for you book a free chat.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once you have your website and social media set up,  you might become too busy to manage it on your own.

I love to look after your website, social media, ads and email marketing for you. The first step is a strategy session and then we might set up a retainer. Book a free chat now to learn more. 

Case Studies

Membership Site Set up for Kat Smith $1150

Kat is ready to launch her new membership platform in Kartra. She needs modules created and content uploaded, email sequences, sales pages, products created and Strategy support. We used a combination of face-to-face (video conferencing and in person), tasks done by the team and tasks done by Natasha.

List builder and email marketing set up for Marna Smith $395

Marna is ready to launch her new website and she understands the importance of email marketing so she needs help to set up her MailChimp, create an email nurture sequence to follow up when she gives people her free eBook. She also needs the eBook branded and gorgeous. She has the content in a word document. This was done using a combination of email liaising, face-to-face video conference, and tasks done by Natasha

Instagram Video advertising for Sonia Petersen $99

Sonia needs a slideshow style video for an Instagram ad she wants to run for her upcoming breakfast event. This tasks is done using email liaising, and video creation by Natasha.

Website Edits, Facebook posts, Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Scott Halfpenny $695

Scott has a website but it needs a new page and some edits. He also needs some Facebook posts made, and scheduled. Plus, he’s ready for Facebook ads and Google ads. This was achieved with face-to-face meetings in person, phone calls, email liaising, tasks done by the team and tasks done by Natasha.

Launch Support for Mandy Siegel $280

Mandy is ready to run a new round of workshops and she needs a hand with Facebook headers for the event page. Then there’s posters for her local area. She also needs Facebook ads support and Strategy support. We did a 60-minute strategy session, my team and I made 3 Facebook headers and 2 posters. I set up Mandy’s ad and monitored it for her over a week.

Business Card, Copywriting and Logo for Alyse Korn $425

Now that Alyse has a gorgeous website for her new healing business, she needs a logo, copywriting and a business card. We used email liaising, face-to-face video conferencing, the team did the copywriting and I did the design work to deliver a logo and business card.

Nice stuff people say about working with me:

Right from the start and Natasha’s initial interview we clicked. She got me. In a single zoom session, we had a clear and honest discussion about what I had and Natasha was able to decipher though my technotard-itis and understand exactly what I wanted. 

It’s an understatement to say I’m delighted with both Natasha and her exceptional services. I refer everyone to her now!

Karen Humphries


Natasha is a one-stop shop for marketing. I can get my ads, my website, my email marketing and my lead magnets all set up in one sessions with her. No need to wait to hear back from the developer, and the graphics designer. We can get in and take action right when I need to. 

Nicole Bathurst

Thriving After Cancer

Natasha Berta is an absolute gem full of knowledge and skill in implementing marketing and all the things I’m unable to do. Her intuitive wisdom and sense of humour really support me in getting my message clear and the next steps in connecting with my people and growing my business.

Mandy Siegel

Vocal Confidence Coach

After one hour with Natasha, I finished all my Canva resources, made them all fillable, explored acuity, researched websites I liked. felt confident to launch my pilot with good resources, ..I got so much mileage out of that one session and overcame lots of fear and technotard!  You just helped me to bust through that barrier and run tbh

Emma Polities

Wellbeing with Emma Jane

If you’re not really sure what the best next steps are in your marketing and are wondering what my rates are and how I might help you, I recommend a free chat: