Yo Sew

Yep I can sew something for you. It won’t make you look like this picture LOL

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a garment

2. Check how much fabric it needs

3. Order some fabric and matching thread (and does it need elastic?)

4. When it arrives, wash the fabric and dry it

5. Give me the fabric and matching thread

6. I make it

7. You wear it

8. You won’t look like this picture


Stuff I can easily make:

Choose one of these.

You can click on the image to see more pics of it on the website of the person who made the pattern.

Reversible Metamorphic dress

Hinterland Dress sleeveless and short sleeve possible

Strata Top

Arenite Pants

Winslow Culottes

Peppermint Pocket Skirt

Peppermint wrap top

TAL Cuff Top

Pietra Shorts

Pietra Pants

Fremantle pants

Fremantle pants

Where to buy fabric


My favourite place to buy Nani Iro fabric. Again, it’s expensive but Nani Iro fabric is an art piece. You can’t go wrong. One thing to note: these fabrics are narrow so just email me or call me before you buy so we can make sure it’s enough fabric. SEE HERE 

The Fabric Store

Divine linen and merino but I usually shop the sale page only SEE HERE 

Woven Stories

Beautiful block printed, woven fabric. Ikat, Batik etc SEE HERE


My favourite shop for linen and viscose. Not cheap so I usually shop the sale page but occasionally I splash out SEE HERE