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Mentoring + Divi Theme

Are you ready for a beautiful new website in 2022?

I have created dozens of websites for clients and mentored them to have simple, beautiful websites that they can manage themselves.

You don’t need any experience: I will be helping you the whole way.

We will buy your domain + hosting, set up WordPress AND I will put the Divi theme on your website for you (valued at $249USD).

And then I’ll teach you how to use it.

It is possible to look after your own webiste. 

There is my help now and I can provide ongoing support too.

This initial 3 weeks will get you set up with a great starting point AND I’ll give you access to my library of website training vids to keep you going.

I’m going to cover a lot and some of this might be too jargon-ey for now so please don’t worry about it…here’s the big list of things I’ll cover:

The Big List
  • Purchase domain + hosting
  • Set up WordPress using Installtron
  • Create an email address
  • How to submit a support ticket
  • How to add a user
  • I will put the Divi theme on for you
  • How to upload images
  • Allocating your logo
  • Allocating your brand colours
  • Linking to your social media
  • Choosing website fonts
  • Editing the footer/bottom bar
  • Editing the navigation
  • Creating menus
  • Creating an under construction page
  • Setting the home page
  • Create a secondary menu
  • Create a page from Layouts
  • Clone an existing page
  • Blog page setup
  • How to create blog posts
  • Module Row Section know-how

Essentially, you’ll walk away with a WordPress website, on Divi hosting.

A website that will grow with your business; the flexibility of WordPress.

$160 includes:

3 x 1.5h live creation + mentoring calls

Access to the live call recordings

A 15+ page resource document you can refer back to again and again

A 20+ video library of my “Love Your Divi Website” course for you to learn and grow with after the 3 weeks

2 x 30-minute Q&A calls for you to access me any time after the 3 weeks

The Divi theme on your website (valued at $249USD)

Pay now

A huge part of my business “why” is empowering women with tech so they don’t have to deal with condescending, jargon spitting website developers who overcharge, under-deliver and leave you stranded + not able to move forward (sound familiar?).

I’ve been delivering simple, beautiful websites to clients for 5 years. I know how to create them and how to make it relatively easy for people to maintain their own sites. And how to make it beautiful. 

If you think that it’s time for a new website and you have a good sense that a WordPress site is for you, this could be a great way to get started, get my favourite theme and get my help to create a simple, beautiful website.

I look forward to hanging out 🙂

Big smooches

xx Natasha


Still got questions?
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