sales page

writing workshop

Get it done!

You want to sell more of your offer

You want to help more people

You want your business to support you financially

Once you are explaining your offer clearly, you know more people will buy it.

You need sales page writing help that allows you to be yourself and not sell out on your values.

Sales page writing workshop is going to create time for you to actually write the words to go on your website where you talk about your offer.

By the end of the 2 x 90-minute sessions, you could have 1-2 entire sales page written and ready to pop on your website.

I know that with the right writing prompts and a loving, supportive group you can write an entire sales page for your website.

I create all the sales pages for my own offers month after month using this method.

You can use these workshop to write an About page, a sales page, multiple blogs or social media copy to market your offers.

All the little actions add up.

I have supported hundreds of women to grow their business both in group settings and 1:1 work. 

I have lovingly mentored women to go from crying about the tech and marketing after calls to zipping around their websites, MailChimp and Canva with ease. And writing a sales page is the same.

sales page writing workshops


You get: 

  • 2 x 90-minute live calls 
  • no recordings – the value is in being live and getting it done
  • 10+page resource document to refer back to again and again
  • Access to the Client/Student ONLY Facebook Group
  • 7 reliable promtps to write blogs, sales pages and social media offers
  • My loving support and a group of sisters to work along with on the day

How many times have you sat down to write your website content and gotten distracted by website updates, crashing website pages, other things you want to update and end up actually looking at cats on Facebook?

It’s hard to know what you need to say about your offer. 

You don’t have clarity when you are writing your offer copy. 

People don’t really “get” what your work is about or how your offer works.

You don’t want a spammy, salesy writing method. You just want simple steps to write clear, honest content about your offer. 

You think maybe you should get a copywriter.

You know you can write and actually love writing. 

You don’t think you can write and you hate writing. 

You write it and re-write it. You have heaps of stuff in a Google drive folder somewhere and you haven’t actually got it ready to put on the website. 

You’re just not sure if it sounds right, and if you’ve covered the important aspects of a sales page. 

Ultimately, you can write your sales page in an hour if you simply had some great prompts and put it in  your calendar. 

Maybe you need external accountability to show up and do the thing.

And which writing prompts are needed to write the page?

There are a lot of methods for marketing out there, and many of them aren’t aligned with our soul and our deeper values. 

Working in isolation as an entrepreneur can be challenging. Sometimes a noisy cafe helps but for writing.

But – if you’re in a cafe, maybe you will still “accidentally” sneak off to Facebook or some other time waster. 

You know that when you dedicate yourself to this, you can do it but you just need the time set aside and the right prompts.

How this works

Sit down with a group of people doing the same thing at the same time and get it done. 

2 x 90 minutes on live, online calls with Natasha and a group of sisters. 

We will be writing in response to 7 prompts to craft your sales page.

Natasha will set a timer and we will all write in response to each prompt. 

You can edit in the 2nd call or write a second sales page. 

You can write more later, outside the workshops. 

You can use the time to put your existing writing onto your website. 

My Human Design generator energy is available for you to tap into, and so is my loving care for you and your business. 

I can make things simple. 

This can be done with EASE 

I am OBSESSED with supporting women in business. 

What we bring is the perfect antidote to problems in the existing structures. The fact that women have historically been excluded from business is a large part of the dysfunction of capitalism. 

My entire adult life has been dedicated to supporting women to be the most full and true versions of themselves so we can all shine our light more brightly and love more fully. 

I know that your passion, skills and heart will impact others to grow and heal. Supporting you helps me fulfill my mission and on the spiral circles. 

I’ve been supporting women in business for 7 years locally, nationally and globally. Women who work with me experience the truth and results of consistent actions that contribute to their energetic and business growth. 

I’ve been supporting women in circle for 25 years and I hope to see you naked in the dirt one day 🙂