Service based business woman:

Launch your offers 

Consistently and Lovingly

Learn my launch methods

Get inspired + supported

Design your own loving launch process

An online course + mentoring with Natasha Berta



Share your offers cosistently and lovingly

Whether you have been making offers in your business yet or not, this training is designed to debunk launch have-to’s and share my simple and repeatable system. You can take inspiration (or take my whole system) and design your own repeatable, simple and loving launch system.

Taking this course will help you have a repeatable system you can rest on to be more consistent in your offer making, which will probably lead to more consistent revenue.

For 6 years I’ve been tweaking, experimenting and refining my own systems to show up consistently. I have been paying myself in my business for the entire 6 years and have even used my business income to get a home loan. I know how to create a business with consistent revenue and part of that formula is making consistent offers +  consistent launching.

Launching doesn’t have to be a 15 email, spam nurture sequence, 5 part video, 2 webinar, 6 week debacle. 

In fact my launch period is 2 weeks.

Have you noticed?

Every 2 weeks I am sharing a new offer. 


This allows me to: 

Test new offers

Reword and re-work existing offers 

Keep it light so I haven’t invested 1.5 months of my life on one product which then HAS TO SELL or I feel broken


This is what I have experimented with to suit my personality and needs.


Your launch system won’t be exactly the same as mine because yours will fit you perfectly.


Whether you have one service or a number of courses and programs, you can launch consistently. 

If you would like a Loving Launch process, this training can help you:

Understand what is hype and what launch really requires of you

How to figure out how much time to spend on social media

Other ways to find new customers for your offers

Identify your existing success methods

How to articulate the value of your work

How to play with your offers so you don’t freeze up

Get inspired to launch consistently and lovingly

In this 2 week course I’m going to share my exact launch methods with you.

What you will receive: 

Recordings of 4 live calls with me to learn and get personalised support with your loving launch process

A 10+ page Resource Document with for step-by-step implementation — a full outline of the course.

A launch process document you can customise to use again and again

A launch tracking practice to measure the effectiveness of your launches so  you don’t believe your feelings about how well it went

Sales page writing templates

By the end of the course, you’ll feel more confident (with the action you’ve taken) about having a repeatable, loving and consistent launch process that suits you perfectly. 

Access to the Private Client and Student Only Facebook group

You receive lifetime access to all of the above.

​​These recordings and resources do not expire.

You also receive Bonus Group Q&A Calls with Natasha Berta where you can attend and ask your questions. These are valid for 12 months after you purchase.

Everything above for just $44AUD

I love helping women grow their businesses. 

I have been working in women’s circles for 25 years, supporting and being supported to shine and evolve as the future leaders that we are. 

I am obsessed with the matriarchal led future I see in my mind’s eye and from my perspective: getting your business in front of more ideal clients is a part of that. 

So instead of sitting naked in circle with a twig up  my butt, I’m on my laptop with my crystals and houseplants, teaching you how to get your launch on point. 

Makes sense, right? 

I have been in business for 6 years since I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Interactive Marketing (so 90’s). I have supported hundreds of women in business to grow and shine. I have also impacted over 150,000 creators online with my easy to follow, how-to videos on YouTube. 

I know how to make this stuff easy. 


What if I can't attend those call times?

If it’s ok with you, it’s ok with me. All the calls will be recorded and will be angled in a way that you can learn in your own time. The beauty of the live calls is outrageously affordable access to me. So it’s your call 🙂

Why is this so cheap?

The reasons:

I don’t want to take all of your money so I can choose to spend it on an orphanage in some other country (although that is a cool idea).

I want you to keep your money, evolve out of scarcity and rock the matriarchal uprising with me.

I am part of the gift culture now. It’s just that I know if you pay you will commit to yourself.

And I need to feed my family so this is what I feel good with for now.

The price will probably go up later (or not).

I use all of my courses as the content for my group program, and I get to test my course ideas with the wider market so it’s a win win.

Got other questions?

Go ahead and email me or DM me on Instagram or connect with me on the video form below: