Heart and soul content: the courage to share authentically to find more ideal clients

You know you need to create content more consistently to grow your business.

You’re ready for more clients


you have a passion to share your heart and soul with others, to support them on their transformation journey.

I know from my experience that within a few weeks of posting content consistently I start to get inbound client enquiries; people are eager to work with me.

There was a time when I didn’t want to create consistent content.

I had resistance.

I felt so trapped by the hidden “should” of daily content and yet I couldn’t deny that people would always enquire more in response to me posting regularly.

On top of the resistance, I didn’t think my content was good enough and besides, everyone in my industry has already said everything I wanted to say on the topic.

I didn’t understand the value of my own frames and filter.

I didn’t have a mindset of experimentation.

I didn’t know what steps were most important and how to get the content created with such little time and som many other demands on me.

Can you relate?

Over 4 weeks of this course and mentoring, I will share a reliable, repeatable approach to creating content, show up with  authenticity + love so that you can connect with your ideal clients AND love the content creation process as well.

Each week there will be a 1-hour teaching call and 30-minute Q&A call with all calls recorded for you to refer to again and again.

You will get access to my expertise and a community of like minded business women as you learn:

A fresh approach to creating content

Four types of content

Four lengths of content

What type of content + length does best on which platform

A repeatable content creation process that is unique to your strengths and preferences

A way to make sure content gets created

Multiple new mindset approaches to creating content

My own process templates and writing prompts

How to overcome perfectionism

How to break through writer’s block

My writing prompts

Sales Page tips + template

a content strategy for instagram

a content strategy for facebook

a content strategy for linkedin

a content strategy for youtube

All Calls at 1pm AEST

Monday 4th July
Thursday 7th July
Monday 25th July
Thursday 28th July
Monday 1st August
Thursday 4th August
Monday 8th August
Thursday 11th August

There is also an option to add on an Australian Bush Flower essence to support you to break through your unique content challenges.

That means a 1-1 session, your essence + postage (add $45 to the course price).

This course is a ZERO “should” course.

I am an official member of the “Should is shit” club.

Rather, this course is an informed exploration of how best you might share your brilliance with your audience, combined with practical systems you may embrace to enhance your content creation process.

I have supported women in business for 6 years including VA services from my team where we created Done for You content.

I have also been on a personal journey with content creation:

From it being a “have-to”


Becoming a daily practice of personal reflection and love.

I now miss content creation as my key creativity practice in my business when I’m on holidays or have other commitments! How things can change… 

It’s $77 for 8 live calls with me, the course content + the loving community. 


$122 for all of the above + the Australian Bush Flower Essence add on.

Grab a spot now on this course with Natasha Berta.

Choose from the course only


Add an Australian Bush Flower Essence session to harness the support of these powerful plant allies.