Do you want to use YouTube to grow your business AND you want to do it right from the start? 
Or maybe you want to spruce up an existing YouTube channel. 
AS of today, I’ve had 109,200 YouTube video views! I can’t believe it myself. And I’m so grateful for all that good juju. 
My views really started to pick up once I was doing all of the things I share below. 
I also think a sprinkle of luck was a part of it – but really – what I create is content that helps people. And I think that’s why people watch my vids. Because they need the help I’m offering. 
Let’s get to it!

You can watch me yabber on about the tips in this video: ?

So without further ado…here are the tips:

1. Check out the YouTube Creator tips

From your YouTube account, you will see a button called YouTube Creator (beta). It should take you to a dashboard where you can view analytics and all kinds of cool stuff.
There’s also usually a couple of recent videos from YouTube Creator and other news videos from YouTube themselves.

I recommend you check them out. A lot of these tips I’m sharing have come from videos like that.

YouTube Creator also has its own YouTube channel which I recommend for the same reason – lots of great tips from the horse’s mouth.

2. Create Channel Art for your channel

In the video, I called this a banner! What was I thinking? It’s called your Channel Art.

Channel art gives you an opportunity to start getting your viewer familiar with your brand and makes your channel more beautiful.

It’s easy to make your channel art – I use Canva: . They have new templates that make it even easier than before. I have a video tutorial on how to create your channel art here:

3. Fill in your account details

As with any social media or online marketing platform, it’s really important to give the viewer as much information about you as possible. So you need to fill in your about, your social links and your website link. It’s pretty easy – the instructions are in the video.

4. Create a Welcome Video

I’m calling this a Welcome Video and YouTube is calling this your “Trailer”. It’s as simple as creating a video with the intention of it being your welcome video or selecting an existing video to be your trailer.

You need to click “Customise Channel” and then you’ll get access to edit your home page. There’s 2 options at the top there; for returning subscribers and for new visitors. When you edit the option for new visitors, you can choose that welcome video you created. YouTube Creator channel also has a good video about what your trailer can do for you which you will find in their feed. You will see me demo the options in the video.

Watching other channel’s welcome videos is a great way to get a feel for what makes a great welcome video.

5. Create Playlists

This is another tip I got from some big name YouTubers. Sorry – I can’t remember who 🙂

But basically, the YouTube algorithm/crawler will give your channel a preference if you have playlists created.

Further to this – which I didn’t mention in the video – is to create a sequence of videos. For instance, you might create a 4 part series of videos on a specific topic. For example, Email marketing tips #1, #2 and so on.

The YouTube and Google crawlers loves a video series and will give your videos a higher ranking if you have them.

6. External Links

Similar to setting up your About information, it’s important to set up your account with your external links.

Be a bit strategic. Use your website, your social shares, a landing page, whatever you like. But think about it: where do you want people to go next? What is the next logical step for a person in their relationship with you? Send them there.

7. Create a Video a week

It’s perfectly fine if you can’t always post a video a week. Goodness knows I don’t always do it. But it’s another one of those measures that the search algorithm takes into consideration when deciding whether or not to display your video as a related video or in a search so it’s worth trying to post once a week.

A lot of big channel creators recommend a certain time and day every week as well, so your followers know: example – every Tuesday at 2 pm there is a new video. So they can tune in on the regular. I personally don’t do this but it’s something to think about. 

8. Create videos that are around 10-minutes long

I started off my YouTube channel with hour-long videos. They were interviews. I doubt anyone ever made it through those vids. YouTube Creator tips have recommended videos around the 10-minute mark.

I watched an interesting video the other day that suggested making videos longer than 10-minutes to display more ads but that is only available once you have a certain number of subscribers and views per year. 

Basically, 10-minutes is not too long and not too short. It’s the Goldilocks video. 

9. Use tags

Choose a bunch of tags that seem relevant to your current video and any related videos. Really, my tagging took off and made a lot more sense once I started using Tube Buddy (skip to next tip). You can just wing it with your tags but I think Tube Buddy is a great free resource (I’m not an affiliate but I should be!).

10. Check out TubeBuddy

I have been using TubeBuddy for a couple of years. It helps me figure out which tags to use, it helps me see stats on other accounts and once I paid for the premium version to add a sentence to the end of all my videos to send people to my new website.

I am not an affiliate but I DO recommend it. You can always remove it if it doesn’t help you 🙂

11. Create a custom thumbnail

Here’s an example of my latest custom thumbnail:

Make your thumbnail on Canva HERE

A custom thumbnail will show up on your channel as the mini-preview of your videos rather than a randomly chosen snapshot from your video. You know, those great pictures of you wiping your nose or with your tongue hanging out. 

I create custom thumbnails using Canva and I’ll be making a new video about the how and why of YouTube thumbnails on my YouTube channel very soon (so you can subscribe if you want to be notified when my new videos are released). 

It basically makes your channel look more beautiful and begins your branding process. PLUS – videos with faces on the thumbnail apparently get more views! 

12. Use Cards and annotations

In the video, I DID NOT have a win demonstrating cards and annotations to you. There is also ‘end screens’ which I highly recommend. This is a pretty cool video that explains end screens, playlists, and subtitles really well.

You will have seen these on other videos on YouTube – end screen is that page at the end of the video that says “Subscribe” or offers other, related videos.
Cards are little info icons that pop up and offer other videos or external links related to the video you’re watching.

These are both great ways to keep people watching if you have them in strategic places – especially if you are seeing a drop off at a certain time. You can keep people on your channel or take them to the website or the next logical step.

Ok – whoosh! That was epic.

And now enough is enough. I think I’ve realised I need to do a whole training about YouTube to tease all of these elements out more fully but hopefully, you got a sense of some of the things you can do to improve your YouTube channel and succeed on YouTube. You can jump on the mailing list if you want to stay in the loop about that YouTube course when it drops.


Do you need a hand figuring out if YouTube is the right next step for your business?

If you are wondering whether or not YouTube is the next big thing for your business it might be good to talk to a marketing consultant and get clear about a strategy. That way you won’t spend your time wondering. You will know that you are taking the right actions to move your business in the direction that will get you the results you want. 

Book a free 30-minute chat with Natasha today to discuss your business marketing strategy.

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