If you have a WordPress website with the Divi theme and you are getting a bit stuck on a few things, I’ve created a bunch of easy to follow, how-to video tutorials to help smart women just like you. They are all on my YouTube channel but I thought I’d bring them all together here. 

This is Part Two of the Divi Website blog series. Check out the super basics HERE.

Otherwise, have a little browse and see if there are any vids here to help you have a breakthrough.

Video #7 – Easy Peasy SEO

In this video, I’m sharing some super duper basic SEO actions you can do for yourself on your WordPress website. This will help you to show up in Google searches for the keywords of your business. 

Video #8 – Get audio recordings on your website

If you’re keen to share a recording of an audio training you’ve created, like a meditation or a guided visualisation you can do it really beautifully and easily on a Divi site. 

This is also a great in-between if you’re keen to start a podcast but don’t want to wait for it to be set up. 

Video #9 – Divi Layouts

If you want a quick way to make a page that is designed by a graphic designer the Divi layouts are a great option. If you haven’t tried them I reckon you should check this out! 

Video #9 – Changing the social media icons

I created this video before the Instagram icon was a part of the regular settings. So this is a bit techy but you may still find it helpful if you’re on a social media platform that is not covered by the default settings. 

Video #10 – Modify and customise your social media previews

Have you ever tried to share your website to Facebook and the preview image is just totally unrelated or simply not what you want?

In this video, I’ll show you how to change your page previews for instance, when you share a page or post to Facebook. 

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