Have you heard of SEO?

But what actually is it? 

Hav eyou paid THOUSANDS of dollars for SEO and feel like you don’t have much to show for it? 

Do you really NEED SEO for your website? 

I will try to explain it a bit here for you smile

You can watch the video here:

If you’re folding washing or on a walk you can listen to it here: 

Or if you like reading, here are the main highlights:

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is basically how well your website shows up in the Google search for your actual business name or related search terms – for example: if you are a hairdresser in Bega and someone does a Google search for “hairdresser bega” – how well does your business get found. 

Do I need SEO?

Every business has different SEO needs and not every business can use SEO to succed. The best way to decide whether or not your business needs SEO and how much SEO you need is to have a free chat and/or a Strategy Session. 

There are a lot of factors involved and I can’t make a blanket decision here. 

BUT there are things we can do to help with some basic SEO. 

What will I get with SEO 101?

If you are having a website built by us here at Connected Marketing we will do these things:

Put the Yoast SEO plugin on your site

Develop up to 5 keyword statements and phrases to use on your images and file

Provide you with a simple training video on how to use Yoast for your business

If this doesn't make sense or you have more questions, please let's talk!

Please don’t freak out about this! It is a bit of a jargoney topic and I have worked with many people who have been bitten by a very convincing SEO salesperson. 
Please – let’s talk about your specific business and your specific project. Don’t let this be a barrier for you! 

Go ahead a book a chat now: