This post is about the new podcast: Connected Marketing.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to me, Natasha Berta, and explain what Connected Marketing means to me. In this introduction podcast I also talk about what kind of content you will hear on this podcast and why it might be a little bit different to what you find on other podcasts.

Or if you like reading, here are the main highlights:

What Connected Marketing

I realised it was time to find a business name that works for me becuase my business is NOT just me anymore and I felt a bit odd saying “Me” wen actually the team had done that!

My top three values are authenticity, connection and truth. So connected is how I like to do my life and business. 

Connecting YOU to your clients

Ultimately, the point of marketing is to connect YOU to your clients. So it makes perfect sense that we are doing connection marketing over here. In truth – all marketing is connecting business with their clients. So what makes this different?

YOUR connection to your self

If you are like me, you will have tried certain marketing tactics that don’t FEEL good. They maky you feel like you are not in your integrity and values. I talk more about this in the podcast but basically, I have a lot of sensitivity to supporting women (and a few lucky men) to deliver marketing that doesn’t keep tham awake at night and takes their values, integrity and nature into special account when developing a marketing strategey. 

Your connection to me

And since I am the one delivering this service, my qualities influence it! So you will be getting connected to my style of doing marketing which is influenced by my main values and just the very person that I am. I talk more about this in the podcast. 

What kinds of things will you be hearing on the podcast and how are they different to every other podcast???

I will be sharing some content that may seem similar to other marketing podcasters. Topics like websites, social media, video content, YouTube success, Instagram hacks, Facebook ads and email marketing. The thing is – I am not like other marketers and that will set this apart.

My style of marketing is highly values and integrity centric which I talk about more in the podcast. 

I will also be interveiwing some of my favourite business women who’s services compliment mine so well and I look forward to sharing those with you too!

Go ahead and listen to the podcast now if any of that sounds appealing!