When was the last time you had a day off from your business?
What about a week off?

And I don’t mean school holidays – because if you are a mum you know that is not a real holiday.
I haven’t had a week off. Ever.

Every time I have holidays it means time away from work but I’m still thinking about meals, and other people’s well being

And once a year I go to Vipassana for 10-days of silent meditation. 

But if you’ve ever done that, then you understand that meditation is work too. Facing up for 10 hours a day of sitting and then no breaks as an older student is actually quite a task. It does bring amazing fruits and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

So since I was a youth I have had no time where I just do things in my own time with a total disregard for the needs of others.

I finally had a week off.
Just for 5 days between 9 and 3. 

But it was good. I got to really release the endless tension I subtly hold on to and just BE on a time frame that suits me and what I want. 

It was delicious actually – the bliss and pleasure that is available just sitting quietly in the sun for that minute or two extra without having to answer someone or worry about someone or give anything to anyone at all.

I am feeling a bit self conscious saying all of this.
Even as I write this I’m having some internal dialogue about being selfish and how great mothering is and blah blah blah. 

That is all true. 

I love my kids. 

But I really needed a rest and to reset my adrenals. 

If we never have a deep reset, we are going to burn out. I have burned out several times in my business. I have given it all up. Called it off. Broken up with her. 

And after a day or 5, the little spark has kindled back into a flame and I’m ready to fall back in love with it. 

So I know from my own experience that space is helpful, and I’ve done school hols + Vipassana but this was a new epiphany. And I highly recommend that you create space in your business for your business fire to burn.

One dilemma I had before the week off was: what was I going to do with all my time. 

I was well aware that I could too easily slip onto the laptop and start working.
Because I really do enjoy my work.

Mostly, I find it fun and I love creating stuff in my business + I get really nourished from connecting with other business women as I support them on their journey. 

So I knew I was going to need a strategy to stay away from work. 

I asked my people.

I did have a few ideas already, and there are a number of things they mentioned that I already do in my working days. So they didn’t feel quite as meaningful. But I thought I would share a mega list of week off ideas – partly to remind myself and also to inspire you when you have a week off. 

So here it is:

The Big List of Things to Do on Your Week Off


Day bath


Laying in the sun

Watching movies

Bush walks

Time in nature

Tea with friends

Reading books


Phone chats

Make kombucha


Play the yes/no game and feel into your intuition for every choice


Smell flowers

Dance in the moonlight

Beach time


Get a Massage


Play with a cat or dog

Download and print this fun week off planner.

I have some tear off ideas and I left space for you to add your ideas!

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