There are so many people doing awesome things…

This is a page full of the people and services I’m really excited about. They are either tools I use myself, so I recommend them, or they are really smart, kind and wonderful people, whose services I think will serve you really well.

I’m always on the lookout for services that compliment what I do to serve you more fully, and to refer to you when I’m out of my depth.

Some of these are affiliate links which means I may receive a payment if you sign up with them.

Some of these are my referral partners. They don’t pay me, but they may refer clients to me. It’s a big love situation sometimes with just tonnes of adoration and mutual respect. I get a brain boner over some women and how frigging smart they are!

And some are just cool stuff I think you will love.

It’s worth popping back to this one occasionally as it gets updated with new fun stuff.

My current mentors

George Kao - my business mentor

If I was running a summit and I had to choose someone to talk on every single topic it would be George. Which is why he has been my mentor this year. The guy is so aligned, so deeply seated in a spiritually connection through business that it blows me away. He’s humble, he gets fired up and he has loving, smart business strategies that I love. Yep – I’m an affilaite and this is the link to his course library:

Krista Rae - my summit mentor

If I was running a summit and I had to choose someone’s sytem to follow like a disciple it is Krista. her brain is so amazing and the Summit in a Box program has a template and procedure for every single step of a heart centred, inclusive summit. Yep – I’m an affilaite and this is the link to her free evergreen webinar: CLICK HERE

tech stuff i use and love

Divi theme - my preferred WordPress theme

I love building websites using Divi thme. I have alifetime license myself and use it to build most websites you see on the websites page. It makes WordPress play the way I like. And it has loads of tempaltes you can use if you’re not feeling sparkly. Yep – I’m an affilaite and this is the link to their website: Elegant Themes and the Divi theme

Canva - make beautiful stuff for your online spaces

I reckon I use Canva nearly every day. I use it make website images, social media images, Facebook© Ads images, podcast art, YouTube thumbnails and more. Yes there’s. afree version but why. not get 30 days of pro for free right? Yep – I’m an affilaite and this is the link to get 30 days of Canva pro for free: CLICK HERE to get 30 days of Pro for free

AppSumo is a place I sometimes buy software on sale

AppSumo sells business related software, sometimes just on sale and sometimes wiht a lifetime license. This can get you free from those pesky monthly paymetns for things. I’ve bought quite a few goodies there like course platforms, website backup tools, image resizing tools, custom log in pages and more – yep I’m an affiliate and you can check them out here PLUS you get $10 off if you click this link

Headliner is the tool I use to make videos from audio recordings and podcasts

I have a blog post about my personal content creation process. It includes using Headliner. I find this such a fun and easy to use tool, I get on here a couple of times a week formyself and for clients. Yep – I’m an affiliate for HEADLINER

VideoAsk is a cool way to chat in your time using video

I jsut heard about VideoAsk the other day – it’s a great tool for collecting video testimonials, onboarding clients, you can use it as a contact form. The only limit is your limitation. It’s super easy to use if you jsut go in for templates and you can see one on my contact page. Have a look at VideoAsk and see if it’s right for you.

biz babes who do stuff you need that I don’t do

Michelle Marie Whitehead is a lawyer with sparkles

Have you ever read my T&Cs? You might notice they are written for humans and they are good for my boundaries….your legals can be rad too. I actually wrote them myself with the DIY T&Cs kit from Michelle Marie Whitehead. Of course I’m an affiliate: CHECK OUT HER DIY T&C’S

Liz Wilcox will write your newsletters for $9 a month

Does writing newsletters not happen becuase it takes you an hour so you put it off or you just don’t know what to write? What if you could pay $9USD a month and get your newsletter ideas magically delivered to you? Ok – it’s not magic – it’s Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership. It’s insane value. Of course I’m an affiliate: JUMP ON THIS HERE

Laura from Worditude to learn to write copy for your website

I attended an onlien summit this year and bumped into Laura from Worditude. She is kind, smart and has great tips for writng copy for your website. I love this package especially if you are stuck and wondering what should go on which pages. Yep – I am an affiliate: Trying to figure out your offers? This one is a doozie.

SEO Boss Babes - be very careful with SEO

I have spoken to so many clients and colleagues who have spent thousands of dollars per month on SEO with very little to show for it. 

I have some strong feelings about SEO and how suitable I think it is for businesses our size, however if you are certain SEO is for you I just have 2 women I recommend…

Karen Phillips of Blossom and Grow SEO


Nyree Slatter

tell them I sent you xx

biz babes who are my inspiration 

Elizabeth Goddard is a bit like me but she covers some topics that I don't

Elizabeth Goddard is a business mentor who is a bit like me: big hearted and unusual. She has ideas that push back against the. mainstream approach.

She also covers some topics that I don’t like tripwires, email with Convertkit and other fun stuff. I think you might like her – yep I’m an affiliate and you can check out this webinar FREE WEBINAR: How to create and sell something before you’re ready or anything else of hers via this link: Elizabeth’s website

Leonie Dawson - allround inspiration and queen of the swear bears

I love Leonie Dawson. She has so many values that I have – she doesn’t always glam up just to be in biz – she swears a tonne – she takes on norms like a champ and swears at least as much as me. She is also a really succesful biz babe and recently left social media! Yep – I’m an affilaite and this is the link to her website + entire course catalogue: CLICK HERE